Monday, April 12, 2010

Where's The Happiness You Have Promised Me?

All the good time we both shared had gone and have decided to leave me! It aches to know you will no longer be by my side. I am so crestfallen to realize that your feeling for me has already faded. You have penned down everything on this peace of paper...obviously some love can only last this long. What had happened? Can't you tell me...please? Don't you want to wait for me anymore? Wait...where's the happiness that you have promised me? Please don't leave me alone...

Jay Chou
Jay Chou

Ok, ok...before your mind starts to wonder if this is another personal post, it is not. The above paragraph you had read was actually an excerpt from Jay Chou's song-Where's The Happiness You Have Promised Me? (说好的幸福呢?) This gotta be the song of the moment for me. It's no secret that Jay Chou is my favourite singer and I wanna single out this song from his latest album because it is should I put this...REAL. The lyric is beautiful crafted and it vividly describes how excruciating it is to be left in the lurch by someone who you thought love you. :)

Turn up your volume to enjoy it! :D

周杰倫 說好的幸福呢 歌詞

你的繪畫凌亂著 在這個時刻
我想起噴泉旁的白鴿 甜蜜散落了
情緒莫名的拉扯 我還愛你呢
伴你斷斷續續唱著歌 假裝沒事了

時間過了走了 愛情面臨選擇
你冷了倦了 我哭了
一開始的不快樂 你用卡片細寫著
有些愛只給到這 真的痛了

怎麼了 你累了 說好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不說了 愛淡了 夢淹了
開心與不開心 一一細數著 你在不捨
那些愛過的感覺都太深刻 我都還記得
你不等了 說好的 幸福呢
我錯了 淚乾了 放手了 後悔了
只是回憶的音樂盒還旋轉著 要怎麼停呢

怎麼了 你累了 說好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不說了 愛淡了 夢淹了 我都還記得
你不等了 說好的 幸福呢
我錯了 淚乾了 放手了 後悔了
只是回憶的音樂盒還旋轉著 要怎麼停呢

Sorry...I was at wit's end trying to translate this. :p

So do you guys enjoy this song? I am of course. I have been listening to it for a few days now. On and on and on...It's Monday again folks. Any blues still hanging on to you today? I hope you will love my selection for this week's Music Monday. Or does this song worsens your Monday Blue? Haha :D That's all from me folks.

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