Thursday, March 25, 2010

Steamboat I Miss You

It's been more than a month since I last steamboat-ed (is there such a word?). Do you know what is steamboat? No, it is not the steamboat which you see in the sea. This steamboat is the one you see on your dining table especially when there is special occasion. As for us Malaysian Chinese, steamboat is very familiar during Chinese New Year. Instead of having luxurious, expensive dinner in those fancy restaurants for our reunion dinner, some of us prefer steamboating which is equally delicious and more merry. :)

Steamboat anyone?

During Chinese New Year, I actually had a few steamboating rounds! But the one I really enjoyed was the one in my late grandma's house. Aww...the feeling was so damn good. You know, enjoying food with your family members. So what do we had? Wanna know more? Let the picture do all the steamboating talking! :)

Here's what we have.

Daddy makes the first move.

My family members. is a blessing to see them enjoying the food.

My turn to scoop up my food. :)

I wanna write a little bit more about steamboating...but I guess I will do this next year. If I forget please remind me ok. I am getting old now. So are you feeling hungry? Go steamboating folks! :D

I love Steamboat, do you?

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