Friday, March 26, 2010

Apple iPad: What's Hot And Not?

Approximately 2 months ago, Steve jobs finally unveiled Apple's most anticipated tablet device called iPad! Yes, most of us got the name wrong right? The most popular name bandied around was iTablet but now the whole wide world now knows that it will be called iPad! (Yeah! And I am sure you have seen, read and watched about all the jokes about this bad choice of name right?) Ok, this post of mine is not about me mocking iPad, but I wanna talk about the real thing-iPad! I wanna share with you guys what is hot and what is not with this latest tablet PC!

Ipad-the new apple!

iPad will be available worldwide on the 3rd of April and I am sure a lot of you are already eager to lay your hands on this new Apple product right? Superficially iPad has an almost similar design compared to iPhone but of course it is bigger. It weighs 0.68kg and has a 9.7 inches touch screen. Steve labelled iPad as a new 3rd category mobile device which is neither a smartphone or a netbook but a hybrid. So what can this hybrid iPad do? I would say that iPad will be very useful for surfing the web, reading books, playing games and watch video. Sounds enticing aye? :D

It's Black or White?

What so hot about iPad? Well the best thing about iPad is its full compatibility with Apple App Store. No modifications are needed to make the current iPhone apps work on the iPad. Super cool right? And guess how many apps are there at iPad users disposal? 150,000 apps! I thought Apple is really smart. However Apple has released a new iPhone SDK that lets apps developers tweak their apps for iPad!

150,000 apps at iPad's disposal!

What's not about this iPad? Unfortunately iPad has no USB port, instead you will have to use its Apple jack. Besides this so called 3rd generation mobile device has no multitasking ability and no flash support. I was baffled that such a sleek device from apple still lack the multitasking ability? So we cannot use it to execute multiple application at one single time? On top of that, no flashy flash? How come Apple's iPad sounds like it is backtracking? And here's another bombshell for you-3G will only be available if you are willing to fork out USD130 (RM430)! So are you willing to pay this much?

Ipad Official Ad.

When iPad lands on our Malaysian shore, iPad will cost you at least RM1650 (USD499) for the 16GB model. The 32GB model will cost you RM1982 (USD599) and the 64GB iPod comes with a RM2312 (USD699) price tag. Goodness! It sounds so damn expensive to me. I can buy a notebook with a better specs. But if you are rich and don't mind splurging your (or parents) money to play this new expensive toy from iPad, why not?

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