Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Be A Multitasker?

So you think you are like your laptop which comes with quad-core processor and the hyper-threading technology aye? So you think you can do a lot of things simultaneously at the same time? So you think you are being very efficient because you are a multitasker? Yeah right! Think again. :) The next time someone (like you) brags about what an awesome multitasker they are, they may want to let us know that they are actually paying a big mental price. Actually they wanna let us know they suck big time. Why is that?

Are you one of these "elites"?

According to a study done by US researchers, multitaskers who always consumer multiple types of media at the same time such as listening to their (expensive) iPod, tweeting, checking emails and watching online video will perform WORSE than those who prefer to complete one task at a time. Researchers from Stanford University put 100 students through a series of 3 tests. From the tests, they discovered that the so-called ultra heavy media multitaskers...

1~were not able to concentrate
2~were not able to control their own memory
3~were not able to switch from one job to another

...as successfully as their low multitasking counterparts. So at the end of the day, these multitaskers are actually doing less compared to those who do one thing at a time. How so true. It seems that they were too distracted. We have to bear in mind that we only have ONE brain right? So now we have the perfect excuse to do less and accomplish more. :p Are you a multitasker?

But I don't mind being a papa-multitasker. :P