Friday, February 26, 2010

My Late Mom Woke Me Up

"Kring~Kring~Kring~Kring!" I thought the phone was ringing in my dream. It kept on ringing. The sound of the land line tone pierced the morning silence. I could feel the morning breeze sneaked in from the window and caressed my face. I was still sound asleep. But it was still ringing. Feeling a little agitated I jerked myself out of the bed and stormed downstairs to answer the phone call. I picked up the phone and said, "Hello?" But no one seemed to be at the other end. At that moment...I already realized...I hang up the phone.

I turned and looked at the clock. In another few more minutes it would be 7. And I was almost late for work. I knew it was my beloved late mom who called me to wake her little baby-me, up. She doesn't want me to be late for work. This happened yesterday morning. My dearest Mom is always by my side to protect me and scold me. From time to time I will experience such weird and unexplainable situation. How about you? Do you believe in spirit and angel? Do you have such encounter and experience before?

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