Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Love My New Bodyglove Laptop Bag

Finally I can trot around with my new laptop bag on my back. Gone are the days where my working bag would bare its gaping mouth while I was riding my black horsy. My previous bag is not a special keister mend for laptops or computers. My dearest late mama got it for me. But years (6 years maybe) of wears and tears had finally taken its toll. I am more than happy to finally have a new laptop bag. Actually I wouldn't want this new bag if I have it my way...but my wife secretly bought it for me while she was in Taiping. So thanks wifey. :D

My new laptop bag!

This Bodyglove laptop bag has special compartment for you to keep your laptop, mouse, cabels etc. And it even comes with "safety belt". So I can rest assure that the poor lappie will not tremble like it used to be. Here are 5 reasons why I love my new Bodyglove laptop bag:

1~Funky & trendy. I feel like a teen again.
2~Waterproof. This is very important because I ride bikey to work.
3~A real laptop bag. Yes, this bag is specially for laptop.
4~Branded. It's a Bodyglove laptop bag ok. Don't play~play!
5~FREE. It's from my dearest missus.


With "safety belt" added.

So again thank you to my dearest wifey for buying this bag for me. I feel so bad because she has to fork out a lot of money to get me this bag. My bad for making my missus poorer. But hey...let's cheers for my new BODYGLOVE laptop bag! Haha :D

I love you so much wifey!

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