Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every Sip & Every Drip of Famosa White Coffee

Every sip, every drip...simply thick and tasteful! Wonderful words stitched together right? This is written on the packet of the coffee that I received earlier just now. My regular blog readers & twitter followers would have known that I have a penchant for coffee. I guess my uncle knows about it too and that was why he gifted me the coffee-Famosa White Coffee (古城白咖啡). Have anyone tried this before? IMHO, this Famosa White Coffee is slightly better than Old Town's White coffee. Both are equally rich, but Famosa prevailed because it is not too sweet and creamy. Ngam! Ngam! Ho! (刚刚好 aka Just nice). :p

Huge packets...

Get set...


Go...I mean drink...

Not bad at all!

I wanna thank my uncle for giving me free samples. Not bad at all! Just like what they advertised, "Every sip, every drip...simply thick and tasteful!" I couldn't agree more when the coffee stream from my taste buds down through my throat. Awww....simply delightful! Coffee lovers should really give it a try. No, I'm not being paid to promote it. :p

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