Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1 Hour of Sleep in 2 Days..

You read it right. I am so damn lethargic right now. For the past 48 hours (and counting) I had only 1 hour of sleep. What's wrong with me? No, I am not suffering from insomnia, neither it is because of my Nescafe consumption. The blame is all on myself. Knowing that I have more responsibilities this year, I failed to anticipate them properly. Hence now I am in a deep, deep conundrum. One thing that I hope God can give me right now is more time. There are too many things to do and yet too little time for me to accomplish it. :p

Yeah! One hour only o...

Today happened to be the due date for one of my assignments for the diploma course that I am taking. Instead of blasting it right at the moment (2 months ago) my lecturer gave it to me, I procrastinated and procrastinated. I thing it is because I hate to do assignments. After all I have done tonnes of it when I did my bachelor degree. And I still have another one pending. LOL :D

Hopefully today I can have more than 1 hour...

Chinese New Year is just around the corner now, I can really see it and of course feel it. So naturally these few days I have lots of errands to do. Since I am working, I have to do a series of "mini spring cleaning" to get our home ready for Chinese New Year. I hardly have time to stop and have a nap...in fact I didn't have any nap for like...weeks.

So 48 hours with just 1 hour of short rest is really a pain in the ass...I mean mind. My longest non-sleeping record is 72 hours. How about you? I hope I will not repeat or extend this stupid streak... :p I really need to sleep but I guess tonight I might have to stay awake for another few hours...

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