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Learn The ABC of Avatar's Na'vi Language

If you are an avid fan of Avatar, you would have known that the Na'vi language used in Avatar is not merely a collection of sweet sound made up just for the sake of making it. It is an ACTUAL, REAL language just like the English we speak. The Na'vi language was created by a USC Professor, Paul R. Frommer, completes with its own grammar and syntax. Awesome right? I thought Cameron really put in a lot of efforts into his Avatar. He really wants to breathe life into Pandora and its inhabitants.

The genius.

In order to build Avatar, James Cameron took his few dozen of Na'vi words including character names and entrusted Frommer to build a language that was both melodious and sensational, but at the same time still pronounceable by human actors. And Frommer did not fail Cameron by developing syntactical rules for Na'vi plus around 1000 words for the movie.

I bet it must be hard to pronounce huh.

However Frommer admitted that there is limitation. "The constraint, of course, is that the language I created had to be created humans," Frommer said. Of course he could have let his imagination run wild and come out with all sorts of weird sounds, but he was limited by what human actors could actually do. It is a tall order to create a whole new language and I believe Frommer did it with flying colour. And I guess James Cameron is equally smart to have find him right?

Here's a list of some key terminology in Na'vi which Frommer has created.

Kllpxìltu (kll-PXIL-too) "territory"

Muiä (moo-EE-ä) "proper, fair, right"

nì'awve (n'OW-veh) "first"

tireaioang (tee-REH-ah-ee-o-ahng) "spirit animal"

tskxe (TSKXEH) "rock"

Uniltìrantokx (oo-neel-tih-RAHN-tokx) "Avatar"

So do you wanna learn more about the ABC of Na'vi? You can do exactly that you know. Try to build up your vocabulary first. Are you ready to be like a Na'vi? I thing this language will have a huge following and in no time we are going to see tonnes of people speaking in Na'vi on the street. Ha :D And guess what? You can even download Avatar's Na'vi Pocket Guide for FREE!

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