Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Avatar Toy Cum Torchlight

Last Sunday I wrote a movie review about Avatar. Then 2 days go I shared with you guys Avatar's OST sang by Leona Lewis. Today I'm going to show you guys my awesome Avatar toy. Not that I wanna flaunt it, but not many people are able to get their hands on this coveted Avatar toys of mine. Why? Because the original Avatar toys produced by Mattel cost around US$30. So I'm considered lucky to have a Neytiri action figure to play with. But mine is not as expensive as the one from Mattel. My Neytiri is from another M-Macdonald. LOL :D

Greeting Neytiri!

Actually I got it for free. My colleagues who went to McDonald bought it and gave it to me. So I wanna thank him for his generosity. Although it is free gift from McDonald is rather rigid, it does have a cool feature that I find useful. My Neytiri action figure also doubles up as a torchlight. A pretty cool one blue torchlight if you ask me. So did you manage to buy it from McD?

Neytiri's glowing heart!

Push Neytiri's tail upward to light her up!

Yeah! I have to "lift" Neytiri's tail in order to see her glow. Once I moved her tail upward, it will trigger the ultra cool blue LED in her body to light up. Awesome. LOL :D Well that's all from me now. Again thanks to my colleague. :)

Yeah! I can see you Neytiri!

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