Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flour Cake For Dinner

My naughty wife wanted to cook dinner just now. I told my missus that I wanna eat out because I want her to rest. Today (every Sunday) is her day rest and I want her to have a good break. Moreover she had already prepared yesterday's dinner and our lunch earlier on. However knowing my dearest wife, she insisted that she should cook for us. I reluctantly agreed. What to do? After all she's my boss~mah. Haha :D Wifey decided that she wanted to cook "Flour Cake" for us today. In Malay Language, we will simply call it "tepung" and in Mandarin we refer it as 面粉糕. weird names huh.

Wifey distributing our "flour cakes", those white stuff. :p

Of course flour will be used as the main (only) ingredients here. Wife sprinkled some water over the flour and kneaded it. Then the kneaded flour will be "torn" into smaller pieces and thrown into the boiling anchovy soup. Besides that wifey also added some vegetables into the hearty soup. Besides the yummylicious spicy omelet, wifey also fried some must-have anchovies. Although these dishes are simply but they are very delicious. :)

It's time to "Chiak"!

Daddy's face says it all right?

So thank you to my dearest wife for preparing our appetizing dinner for us just now. Those kneaded "flour cakes" are really scrummy. Simply different from what I usually have for meals. And the hot, steaming anchovy soup...aww....Thanks my baby. :)

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