Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snowmen Spotted In China

If you have been following the global news, you would have noticed that our climate has gone a little haywire especially these few weeks. Malaysians have been experiencing rains and cold, chilling weather right? Some even claimed that it snowed in KL. Serious? And we know that some part of China are snowing already; A few months earlier than what they expected! Is this a bad omen that 2012 will materialize? I'm not sure about it. And I know some people in China are not complaining about the snow, in fact they are enjoying it.

Yes, the Chinese are enjoying their early snow and making the most out of it. Heavy snow can stop the city but it certainly cannot stop the them from having a great time with the snow. So here's a collection of snowman spotted in North China. :)

What's this? A giant cat?

Run everyone! Shark attack!


What is he riding? A yalk?


This is one cool giant snow sketch.

Mashimaro the plumber?

The perverted kiddo-Crayon Sinchan!

A true patriot snowman aye?

This is so 18-sx o.

My favourite of them all. So damn creative.

Kung Fu panda is flexing his muscle. sweat~beauty & the beast.

Wanna fit my shoe?

Hello Kitty, what's with the numbers? :p

Some of the "snowmen" are really funny right? So which is your favourite. Mine is the kittens in the cat mouth. Can't recall what's the cartoon character name. Looking at these photos remind me of Christmas. Don't you agree? :p Well, that's all for now folks. May you guys have a great day. Enjoy your weekend. :)

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