Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Proven Insane Internet Money Making Ideas

Money, Dinero, Greenback, bucks, splosh, Moolah or whatever we wanna name them. All of us (99.9%) love to have those cold hard cash don't you agree? Who doesn't want? You can give it to me. And believe it or not, I reckon that a huge number of people actually wanted to make money using the internet. Every day thousands (if not millions) of blogs/websites surfaced in our virtual world trying to get their share of cash from the internet. Of course only a minority of people can really make it big in the internet arena! So if you wanna seek inspiration on how to make money online, this post can help you!

Wanna make money online?

Most of us can hardly earn enough to cover our broadband fees, let alone earn thousands of dollars every month. As for me, I am relatively a flop too. So what are the best ways to make money online? Care to share yours? Recently I have stumbled upon a few news about how some ordinary folks took extreme measures to make thousand or even millions using the internet. Their ideas are so incredulous and I don't think I can copy any of their "business models". Too radical for me. Never mind that their money making ideas are crazy, the most important thing is it REALLY works (for them at least). So here are the crazy ideas you might want to try:

5 Proven Insane Internet Money Making Ideas

1~Be A Professional Beggar
This must be the easiest way to earn from the internet. There was this lady called Bosnak residing in the glamorous New York. And like the other high-end women, Bosnak loves Prada and Gucci. Having those fancy, exorbitant bags dangling around was not a problem for her since she had a 6-figure monthly paycheck at her disposal. The problem started when she was fired and she had a US$20k credit card debt.

She is not going to do this.

This lazy but smart woman didn't want to find another job to settle her outstanding debt. She certainly doesn't want to stand on the streets of New York begging for money with her Prada bag. So the internet serves as her remedy to beg without having to leave the comfort of her house. So she set up a website and tell them her "plight"!

The lazy, spoiled but brainy Bosnak

Guess what? Within 20 weeks, she managed to rake in US$13,000 from all the strangers in the internet. And some time later, she paid off her debts with all the money she raised. So who says begging does not pay? Bosnak bailed herself out from her financial trouble by begging...professionally of course. Of course this self-entitled, spoiled lass attracted quite a lot of haters, no one can deny that she earned thousands using the internet. And the best part is...she got a few book deals. So are you game to be a professional beggar using the internet?

2~Sell Your Virtual Property
Have anyone of you toyed around with Second Life before? It is an internet based game where people an log on and do everything they are doing in their life. Of course they can make their "second life" in the internet looks more luxurious. In this game, you can roam around chit chat with other players. Sounds like fun aye, but not to a lady from Germany. Ailin Graef decided that she wanna make money off other players.

The virtual Donald Trump!

Ailin Graef realised that she can scrapped a lot of money from the "residents" in Second Life. After noting that some people are actually willing to fork out real money to buy virtual houses and land, Ailin embarked on her journey to be the virtual Donald Trump! She started to buy virtual land directly from Linden, the game developer and markup the price and sell the divided plot to other players. And here's something more absurd! Ailin actually collects a monthly US$20 land tax from each player who bought her "virtual" land.

Fancy this house?

She's really a genius if you ask me. Ailin actually managed to persuade quite a number of grown ups to fork out their hard-earned money and splash it for the virtual house that she built. A lot of people like to buy their dream houses from her because she puts in a lot of though and planning in all her developments. This crazy internet money making idea has made her a millionaire right now. So do you wanna buy your dream house from her?

3~Sell Dirty Dirt
Not really dirty but just dirt. Seriously there's this guy called Pat Burke who is making millions selling dirt to people who are willing to buy it. Of course these dirt are very least to the Irish.

Yeah...really cheap actually.

It seems that Irish people around the world really, really love their home soil but they don't have enough to return home. So the next plausible patriot thing they can do is but some Irish soil and put it in their homes.

Nice packaging.

This Irish dirt is shipped from a warehouse in Long Island. People are paying US$10 for one pound of the dirt which is dig up from a field in Cahir, Ireland. It is said that Irish residing in foreign countries bought these Irish dirt for their own graves. One rich guy actually bought $100k worth of these dirt for his own funeral. Goodness me.

4~1 Pixel=US$1
Alex Tex from England wanted to further his study in university. Unfortunately his family couldn't afford to materialize his dream. Knowing that he couldn't depend on his family, Tex took matter into his own hands. He started his fund-raising campaign by creating his Million Dollar Homepage. Each pixel with cost advertiser US$1. Of course a lot of people laughed at his idea when he started.

Accidental Millionaire!

Initially he only sold ad spaces to his friends and family. But when his crazy idea was put into the limelight by BBC, his website's popularity skyrocketed! Then in just a matter of five months, all the 1-pixel ad spaces on his homepage was sold out. Yes, from zero to 1 million in 5 months. So did he realized his dream by attending University? Yes, he did...but only for one semester. Why? Because he is already a millionaire. That's why. :p

5~Sell Your Virginity
Of all the ideas, this gotta be one of the craziest idea I have ever heard. There's this 22 years old girl nicknamed Natalie Dylan who did something crazy to pay for her college. It didn't matter if she didn't have a website that have thousands of traffic each day; it didn't matter if she didn't know SEO to market those hyped-up supplement products; she has something very pure and powerful to sell-her virginity!

How much will you offer to unlock this?

It seems that Dylan has managed to keep her virginity intact for more than 2 decades and now she decided it was time for her to exploit her prized asset. Dylan realized that giving her virginity away to some useless jerk is certainly worthless so she made up her mind to auction it. Of course her action received lots of mixed responses with some condemning her while a few supported her.

Hers worth US$3.7 million?

After a few months of bidding, Dylan's virginity was determined to have a price tag of US$3.7million. The winning bid came from Australia...but rumors have it that...she screwed it!

Well, that's the 5 crazy idea that I could scorched from the internet. So after reading this post have you discovered you very own crazy money making idea?