Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy 59th Birthday Daddy

A few days ago we celebrated dearest Daddy's birthday. Time flies and now we are in the month of November again! We brought dad to the Kenny Rogers in Tesco. We really love their roasted chicken. We wanted to treat daddy because he couldn't taste it during our last visit (a few months ago) during father's day. Half way to Tesco it poured suddenly, but it was ok since I was driving our car. Once we reached our destination, we immediately stormed to KR to book our hot seats.

Daddy was busy with his Cappuccino! :)

Turned out, the whole restaurant was vacant. I guessed we were too early? It was around 7p.m. We received our menus and had a hard time deciding what we wanna eat. In the end dad, bro and I ordered Quarter Meals.

Just look at it...

All 3 of us chose Black Pepper chicken and of course each of us could choose 3 different side dishes plus one yummy muffin. Wifey decided to eat something different from ours, she ordered Tangy Chicken Spaghetti. I thought the Spaghetti was really tasty, better than Pizza Hut's.

Gochisosame deshita~:D

A few minutes later, dinner was served. Itadakimasu~:D We happily bolted down our meals. I personally love the cheesy macaroni. The chicken was simply delectable too. With hot, steamy black pepper sauce lacing my aromatic rice, I couldn't help but wolfed down the meal with haste. Buuurrppp!

It's spoon-licking good. Yummy!

After that, off we went into Tesco to do some shopping. It was very rare to have dad alongside us while shopping. We bought quite a lot of stuff. Later on we bought a few pieces KFC spicy chicken to pray Mommy dearest.

Here's your cake daddy. :D

And our last stop in Tesco was at Secret Recipe. Bro and I decided to buy a enormous cake for Dad. We asked dad to pick whichever cake that caught his eyes. Can you guess which one we bought? Dad is a big brownies fan. So he chose to stick his birthday candle in the big "fat" Chocolate Indulgence. We bought it for Rm73.50 plus tax. It was the most expensive cake we had ever bought but it was ok. :)

Make your wish daddy.

Let's makan!

Back at home, we sang the Birthday song for daddy and feasted on our cake. Dad said it was delicious. Yay! :D Then we presented daddy with his Birthday present. He is really happy with it. Perhaps dad didn't expect to receive such a present from us? Guess what we got for him?

For you daddy. :) May you be healthy and happy always.

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