Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before The Cats & Dogs...

An hour ago, I was riding home from work. While I stopped at a crossroad waiting for the green light, everywhere seemed so dark. I gazed upon the sky and surely a lot of dark clouds were collecting on top of me. "But it was so sunny a minute ago!" Perplexed, I hurriedly sped off when the green LEDs beamed. I don't like the feeling of something huge hovering on top of me! The hair on my hands could feel the moisture and coldness of the incoming rains. I was determined not to get trapped in another pouring. Not this time!

10 minutes later I reached my home sweet home. My lucky star is shining today. I came back intact without a drop of rain. The moment I bolted my iron gates, it started to pour. A~ha! You missed me Mr. Rain! But before it rained cats and dogs...

It has begun...

It's so HUGE.

Yupe! Before the cats & dogs...I managed to pull out my Olympus and snap a few special photos. It was a risk actually. It could have rained any time. If I had stayed any longer I would end up wet and dirty. So thank God. Apart from those dark clouds, I also chanced upon a gorgeous Kingfisher.

Up Close & Personal with the elegant Kingfisher!

I was disappointed that I couldn't get a better shot of this petite yet majestic bird. The picture above doesn't do any justice at all to its true beauty. Hopefully I an get a DSLR soon. Nonetheless I am happy to "capture" it. That's all for today folks. :)

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