Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Cashier Are Bored...

Ever wonder what cashiers do when they are really free? Now that Raya and public holidays are over, I'm sure the number of shoppers will decline drastically? Meaning that a lot of cashiers will have more free feel really bored? Have any of you been a cashier before? I had but I was never free maybe because Jusco's business is pretty good. Ha :D So what will you do if you are a cashier and you are free? No idea? Perhaps the following pictures could give you some great idea when you are sitting at the cash register machine and have no customers at all...

So have you ever tried folding any of before? I have folded our 10 ringgit into 2 intertwined love but I have never tried to do this. Perhaps I should try! You guys could try to and let us see your masterpiece. Ha :D

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