Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Human Corpse Bread? Yikes!

Yes! No kidding guys. The moment I saw these pictures, I was utterly shocked. Human CORPSE bread? What? Actually these are bread made to look like...er....human corpse and other severed body parts such as limbs. Could these be any real? The resemblance is too close I would say. It's like the carbon copy of the real thing. But then again...these so called home-made corpse bread could actually be the real thing taken straight from the morgue. Who knows right? So are you ready to taste these exotic breads?

This is not from Bread Story!

You see these loafy, yummy breads are from Thailand. My, the Thais are really crazy huh! Some Thais are sadist it seems! They like to derive pain from virtually anything they can. And maybe this Human Corpse Bread is another testament to their insanity. OMG! The "breads" look like they have been brutally ripped off from the body. So gory! Cannibals will surely find these bread very palatable. Will you eat this bread if it makes its way to your local shelf? It could be delicious you know.

War...hygienically wrapped!

Which is your pick?

Or you prefer these?

Are these expired?

Look at this genius!

Arrgghh...who's face is that?

As you can see he's very detailed.

Proud Creator of Human Corpse Bread!

Do you like face Boy Boy?

Wow! The little boy finds it very finger licking good aye. So how about you? Wanna have a bite of this special bread? But be sure you are somewhere near the toilet bowl. Why? Well...just in case the creator even mimic the taste and aroma of the real thing. Ha :D


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