Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help Me Fix My Blog Feed!

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what have happened to my blog right? To all my blog subscribers, my apologise to you guys. I know you haven't receive any updates from the feed of my blog for quite a while right? My blog feed doesn't even updates itself in your blogroll righ? According to Feedburner, my Feed is not valid. Huh? Of course I have tried and tried and tried...but all my efforts are futile. I have tried to google about this error but to no avail. I'm really clueless right now. Can anyone help me? :(

Ouch! My head hurts!

Feedburner's Feedmedic reported that there is a problem with my feed that reads, "Your server is sending us some non-XML data. This is usually caused by your blogging platform or server generating an error page that is not in a valid feed format (usually it is plain-text, or HTML). Please confirm that your source feed is working properly." and "Error getting URL: 400 - Bad Request" What could be the source of the problem? Can someone show me the light please?

Then when I try to look up for my feed address:, it will navigate to The the eeror message pops up telling me that Feedburner cannot locate the feed!

The problem started when I migrated my blog address from blogspot to my own domain (> Then all hell break lose. Since then my blog feed is experiencing problem. Is it has something to do with blog hosting? You see, although I have my own domain...I don't host it myself. I am still using blogspot to host my blog. Could this be the source of the problem? Anyway I will really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. *Sob! Sob!* Hopefully this problem here can be solved as soon as possible. I will try to seacrh for the remedy this few days guys. Wish me luck! If you can help me let me know yeah!