Friday, August 28, 2009

Cat-like Reflexes Saved Me!

Around 12p.m. just now I went to Tengkera to order something for tomorrow's prayers. As usual I rode my trusty-rusty, Black Horsy to do my errands. It was drizzling back then, and the road was kinda slippery. On the way, I saw a woman lying on the floor due to an accident. She was bleeding and grimacing. Wow! Was that a bad omen for me? A reminder that something was coming my way just like the movie Final Destination?

It was drizzling...

Then I reached to stretch where there was this bumper-to-bumper crawl. Perhaps it was the rain...or maybe the traffic lights. I was in a hurry you see, I decided to overtake a slow-moving car in front of me. I turned left to see if there was any incoming cars. Nope, CLEAR! I look forward again and...


....MY...GOD! WHATTTTTTT? Arrghhh....Suddenly this Black SUV came to a halt and I was just a few inches away from a imminent collision. My body immediately shove itself to the left and I jerked the handle abruptly to the left too to avoid this black car. The whole thing happened in a split second, I somehow managed to brush through without any contact at all. Pheww!!! What a narrow, narrow escape. If not I would have end up in the clinic or hospital right now. Thank God!


If not for my cat-like reflexes...I would have bang Black SUV and have to listen to the driver's music. Worse still, I could get injured. I was really lucky because I was not speeding. Then again, this is the fourth time my reflex has saved me. The thought that this is the month of Hungry Ghost really sends shivers down my spine. So accidents happened more during this month? I'm not sure but I was almost a victim myself. So guys, be more careful ok. Accident happens anytime, anywhere and you could be the next one...

...they are following us...

Yeah! You'll be utterly surprised if you have your third eye opened! Then you could witness a hell lot of things. All in all I am grateful that nothing happened to me back then. Perhaps mom saved me? I have always believe that my ancestors are always around protecting me. They are my guardian angels. I feel that they just did that again, saving me....Thank you. :D

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