Saturday, August 29, 2009

LinkWithin Has Infiltrated Tekkaus!

LinkWithin is now officially within Tekkaus. The Infiltration is complete. Yep! It is confirmed now as you can see in my blog. Actually I got to know about LinkWithin a few months ago, but I was reluctant to have it in my blog. Perhaps I thought it might slow down Tekkaus? I opted for text-based "related-post-widget". Somehow the script is corrupted and I have to pick another widget. I decided to give LinkWithin another try. That's why I installed it a moment ago. And guess what? It is working like magic right now. Perhaps this graphical widget is better? Ha :D

LinkWithin did just what it promised to do. I can't believe that I didn't install it earlier. But it is better later than never right? I am sure I won't go wrong with LinkWithin this time. Why? Because even National Geographic's Blog has LinkWithin up & running. Besides I have noticed a lot of other bloggers who entrusted their blogs with LinkWithin too. So it is safe to assume LinkWithin is reliable right?

So what can LinkWithin offer for you or your blog(s)?

1~Recycle all your gems (posts)
LinkWithin claimed that it could retrieve and index all your posts from blog archive. Yes ALL! Meaning that the posts you have published years ago can still be retrieved and presented as a related post. This is certainly great as it appeals to both new and casual readers.

2~Increase readerships
Since this nifty widget links to stories which are relevant and attractive to readers of a particular post, your readers will be more engaged. This will keep them coming for more. In other words, you traffic is increased.

up, uP, UP & AWAY!

Yes! This widget is simply gorgeous. Its simplicity makes it so elegant and at the same time pretty suave. Its minimalist design let it blends flawlessly into your blog. I really love it. Woot! Woot! :D

Installation is quite easy too. I reckon you can let LinkWithin infiltrate your blog in 4 simple steps.

1~First thing first is registration...or fill in the details. You'll need to insert rudimentary details such as your e-mail and blog URL. Then you'll need to choose your platform and finally the width of your LinkWithin Widget. I tried to squeeze in 4 but I couldn't. But 3 is beautiful too. LOL :p

Fill me in...

2~Then you'll need to click on "Install Widget", immediately a new Blogger Window will appear.

3~Click on "Add Widget" and you'll be directed to "Page Elements".

4~Hit the "Save" button and voila your LinkWithin is up and running!

And...we are DONE!

So how is yours? Is it ok? Mine is sitting handsomely at the bottom of each posts. I must that I am satisfied with it. Well...I guess this is it. It's already 2 a.m. here. My wife just came down for the 3rd time urging me to go to bed. *Yawn* I hope I am of a little bit of help here. Good night everyone.

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