Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9.58s-Lightning Bolt Strikes Again!

I'm from Mars! Bye Bye!

Usain Bolt from Jamaica had did again. He broke his own world record with an amazing time of 9.58 seconds. What more can you say? I believe Tyson Gay had really tried his best. Likewise it was like a stroll in the park for the reigning Olympic Champion and World record holder. This is the moment where every Jamaican in the world is savouring. Bolt's triumphant victory is nothing short of amazing. His blistering pace is really inhuman I tell you. I watched the clip on yesterday's news and I witnessed Bolt's breakneck run! He was simply to hot for the rest.

He is still the fastest man to beat!

Even Maurice Greene, former world record holder and 3-time world champions acknowledges how insane Bold's pace is. This was what Maurice uttered, "Usain is from planet Mars, the rest from Earth!" What a bold statement but I believe none will retaliate, not even Gay! Earlier the duel between Gay and Usain was so mouth-watering. A lot of people was hoping to watch a nail-biting match between the 2 of them. In the end...Tyson gay could only be the second-fiddle!

What next?

But I believe Usain Bolt can run even faster than his current world record. Yep! His 9.58 seconds will stumble again. Trust me. Why? There are 2 reasons why I believe his record will be shattered at least another few more times. The first one: Bolt is only 22 years old. So damn young! The second reason: Bolt disaccelerates! Bolt actually wasted some precious time when he was heading towards the line. You will notice that once he is ahead he will slow down. Perhaps he deliberatey did it so that he could break more records? I don't know.

WATCH the video!

For now, no one can beat Usain Bolt. Usain's "Bolt's Arms" gonna be here for quite awhile I can assure you. I wonder when he is going to break this record? Perhaps next year?

Bolt's Arms!

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