Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kira, Kill Me Too!

Kira, You have killed Michael Jackson by "giving" him his desired heart attack! Can you do me a favour too? Can you "bless" me with the power of your Death Note? Jacko is so sick of his life that he asked your help to put an end to his sufferings. Can you do the same for me? I am really tired right now. All the torments I am suffering is really taking its toll on me. Kira, or Light Yagami, can you do it for me? All you have to do is...write my name on the Death Note...and I'll be gone; far away from all this restless nightmares that I am in. It is really unbearable...

Yeah! This is it...

The pain is so excruciating. The agony I feel really knows no mercy. I really can't take it anymore. Please stop torturing me. The very essence of me is falling apart. Bit by bit...I could feel it. It's like life is draining away from me. Sometimes people tend to forget to that I am human too. I am like anyone of you...mere mortals who breathe the same air as you all do. But why can't I make the same mistakes? Why can't I be allowed to have the same wrongs as you all did? Why?

Can you do me justice then Kira?

My mistake...I shouldn't have given all of you the impression that I'm perfect. I am fact I have flaws that are always masked by my enthusiasm and my other "lighter" characters. Hence...this results in too many things being expected of me. I am expected to be what everyone else wants me to be. I cannot let them down. Failure is not an option, at least not with me. In their eyes...I'm an omnipotent superhero; One that knows no physical and emotional pain. The truth is...I might only fulfill the former. So help me Kira! Help me! The burden on my shoulders are getting heavier. My legs are shackled...I can barely me mercy Kira...

I can listen to my heart beat's weakening...Am I just a breath away from my beloved late mother? Is this the end for me? Will Kira pen down my name and let my heart failed me? I'm really tired right now...I need to rest...I don't know...but if you don't see me again...then maybe...I am not here anymore...

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