Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Monday: Duffy's Warwick Avenue

Kinda busy these few days. And I really don't have any time to blog because my wife's sister came to Malacca last weekends. So I was like...busy helping my wife out. Wanted to write a post about Swine Flu..but I was just too darn occupied with so many chores and appointments. So today...I'm a little free, and it's time to post for this week's Music Monday. Today's Music Monday is Duffy's Warwick Avenue. I have been listening to this song like 24/7. Its tempo is slow and it is really soulful! At first I thought this song was sang by someone who is really old and black. No disrespect, I had this assumption because her voice is really good and this is something only belongs to the elite black singers.

Duffy-the singer!
Not the vampire slayer!

I have tried to search for the Warwick Avenue's MTV in Youtube but to no avail. Youtube sucks you least sometimes. Thank goodness I managed to find the video using DailyMotion because they haven't step up with the copyright thingy yet. So what's so special about this song-Warwick Avenue? For starter, it is about Warwick Avenue Tube Station, London. And I think that's where the similarity stops. Ha :D

This is Warwick Avenue! Been there?

This video is composed on a single shot only. It begins with Duffy leaving the Warwick Avenue Tube Station in the back of a taxi, weeping while she's singing...and finishes with Duffy STILL in the car, wiping her tears. Yes...the whole MTV...the only thing you see is her face...very LAME huh! least the song is nice. So let's enjoy this week's MM.

And do you know that this music video was nominated for Best UK Video in MTV Music Award 2008? Unbelievable. Ha :D Click here to find out more.

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