Friday, July 10, 2009

My Caramel Magnum Moment!

I love to eat ice creams. I admit it. I believe everyone of us like to sink our teeth into this icy-chilling junk food right? At least almost everyone. Haha :D I still remembered when I was younger, which is in primary schools...I would always frequent the mobile ice cream stall...aww...those chocolaty ice creams sandwiched in loafy breads. It tasted so heavenly...and the best part is cost only 20 cents back then. Those were the days. Nowadays, I prefer to eat Cornetto ice creams! But taste buds had been itching to try Magnum ice cream. So the other day I went to the grocery shop and grabbed 3 Magnum Caramel ice creams for daddy, my dear wife and me! Ha :D

Each Magnum Caramel cost RM3.80 which is relatively more expensive than the conventional ones. I know it is damn cheap compared to Baskin Robin and Haegen Dazs (Did I spell it correctly?) Anyway here's a few pictures of me...indulging the Magnum Caramel...

WOW!Magnum Caramel!!!

Ta-Da! 3 plates of Magnum Caramel coming up!

Let me lick it... does it taste?

Watch the VIDEO

Ho Chiak o~~~!


Well...that's all for my self-indulgence (syiok-sendiri) post this time. I wanna thank my wife for snapping the disgusting me and helping me to record the 16-second video. Ha :D It's Friday already. Happy weekends to all of you alright! Take care. :)