Friday, January 2, 2009

Sayonara 2008 & Hello 2009!

This is my 1st post for year 2009! So how's you new year celebration guys? Where did you hang out? Did you went out to celebrate with your kakiis? Went to watch some singers screamed their lungs out? Watch a few brawls at Sungai Wang (for Malaysians)? Hit the bar? Try to poison yourself with rounds or vodka? Or simply (over) indulging yourself in an attempt to get obese with lots of food? Whatever it thing for certain is that the year 2008 is a goner! It's 2009 right now. By now, I'm certain that the new calender has flipped for almost every country right? So here I am...wishing everyone Happy New Year!

The crazy crowd at Sungai Wang!
Thank God I'm not there!

2008 is as good as dead. I have to say that the year 2008 was one of my darkest moment in my life. It is fair to say that last year, my memoirs was filled with too many tragedies! For those of you who have been reading this blog for quite a all knew how my life was literally rip apart with the demise of my beloved mother. August 2008 was really the defining time of my life-everything was robbed from me! I though 8 is a good number? My mommy's premature departure has took away everything I know in my life. Seriously, till today I still fell that emptiness...that void that no one else can fill. I hope time will heal my deep, gaping wound!

I'm sure it will!

Anyway, I believe I have to move on. I'm sure my late mother don't want to see me in such a sorry state either. Yes! I have to stay upbeat and strong! And the year of Ox promises to bring in lots of goodies for everyone. Let's hope that the bullish effect will be seen ASAP! Well, after all the beers and's time we set some goals for ourselves right? Or maybe we can come out with a few new year resolution! Here's mine:

Tekkaus' Top 6 2009 Resolutions!

1~Love my family more.
2~Rest & sleep more.
3~Do more exercise.
4~Trim my diet. ;P
5~Earn more $$!
6~Strive for excellency in my career.

Yes. I would love to spend more quality times with my dad, brother and my beloved wife. Time flies. That's why I switched to my current job 1 month ago. Besides I really thing I should rest more. I believe my average sleeping time for year 2008 is 4.5 hours per day. I'm not kidding! That's why I'd really hope I can be on the bed longer before I get burned! Yes my No.3# resolution is to do more exercise! I have to admit that I'm not as active as I used to be. Before this, I play basketball almost everyday...but last year I hardly could squeeze an hour each week for my ball game!

That's why Garfield is so healthy!

AND the worse part is...I maintained my huge, pampering diet...that's why my waist line is increasing astronomically! With the economy looking so feebly, I couldn't help but to try to earn more money this year. Besides I'm planning to get marry it's time my cash machine operate optimumly! Last but not least on my list is to be an excellent xxxxxxx! You guess still don't know what I'm doing right? Stay tune~:)

That's Garfield's...

...So what's yours?

Here's N'sync's Bye Bye Bye for year 2008!!!

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