Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank You! This Is My 300th Post!

Finally, my 300th post! It's been awhile since I last started to blog. Oh my God! I have been blogging for more than a year now. Or 370 days to precise. It sure feels like ages since I 1st started to toy around with the cyberspace "diary". At 1st I was really reluctant to "venture" into all these blogging idea. It's like trying to do something totally alien to me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I was a net-recluse or sort. In fact I have been internet-lised since I am 14 years old. Hmm...meaning that I have almost 9 years of net-perience huh! An old hand. Ha =) Enough rubbish from me.

Tonight we dine in hell!!!

Actually I didn't want to start all this blogging thingy at all...but one of my house mates encouraged me to do so. I took up the challenge and voila I started to blog. With his advice and help I finally able to "stand up on my both own feet"! From zero to some sort of hero lar! Now I am not a fledgling anymore, I can spread my wing and fly! So I wanna thank him for causing me to be addicted to blogging. LOL :D So who is this sifu of mine? His nickname is Mofandom! Do check his blog out. cute! Thanks! :)

Tekkaus is now 1-year-old! Yay! Where's the birthday cake? You see, I considered myself relatively still new. So am I still considered a baby in the blogosphere? YES. There's still so much to learn from so many people. Here by, I would also take this opportunity to thank those who have helped me with this blog in the past. Without their helps, I wouldn't be able to churn out this 300th post today, let alone continue blogging. So, again gracias!

Not this frustrated lar!

I have to admit that at times, I am really frustrated because I couldn't really produce a great looking blog due to lack of programing knowledge. Sometimes I just want things to be perfect. And a few times, I wanted to throw in the towel and self-destruct this blog. But I somehow came to my senses and shrugged off my "suicidal" thoughts. I'm being a little melodramatic huh. If you guys have noticed in both June & July, I didn't even blog. That's because I didn't have any internet connection at home back then. Seriously at that time, quitting looked like a pretty plausible option for me. But hara kiri was foiled! *grateful* :)

Of course, I'm not that crazy.

And the most important thing is I would like to dedicate this mini-milestone of mine to everyone who have been supporting me. My uppermost gratefulness to the pillars of my life-my beloved dad, my darling late mom & my ever-supporting brother. And most of all, the one who always keeps my heart beating-my one and only dear wife. Without them pushing me at the back, Tekkaus is destined to be a goner by now.

I'm really grateful!

Of course, to all my blogosphere's friends, Kakis and Tekkaus' readers, THANK YOU! I'm really grateful for all your support. Truly I am! From not a single reader at the starting point to a handful right now is really flattering for me. To be honest, without you guys...I would feel like I am doing something really "empty". It's you guys who keep Tekkaus' flame burning. You guys are my "oil"! Haha :D So I would also dedicate this trivial milestone of mine to all my friends & readers (you know who you are).


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