Friday, December 19, 2008

6ix Sizzling Reasons To Start A New Blog(s)

Yesterday I have just resurrected my other blog-Tech-Buzzer! I started Tech Buzzer approximately 4 months ago. Well, back then I was trying to niche blog about technology, Internet , gadgets etc. But I somehow lost my steam after just only 11 posts and stopped all together 3 months ago. Perhaps I just ran out of juice? Or maybe I'm just too busy to maintain Tech Buzzer? Or in other words lazy? Haha :p Anyway, yesterday I made up my mind to revive Tech Buzzer from its deep, deep slumber. Hopefully this time around I could get everything right and keep my "train" moving~:D

How far can you stretch?

But before you guys start new mega project, do bear in mind that quality is more important than quantity. At one time I know a person who have 30 blogs under his belt to show off...but in the end most of his "projects" were scrapped to digital waste. Here's the rule of thumb that we should remember: never try to blog anything that you have little or no interest at all. Don't try to do too much or you'll get too stretched and snapped back like a rubber band. Worse still, the rubber band might break!

Can you resist temptation?

It's important to resist the urge and temptation to start new blog(s), instead we should focus our energies on producing high-quality blogs for our readers. This strategy will work and eventually this will led to better post, better content, better design and ultimately-enhanced readers experience. After all, problogging is about satiating our readers need while blogging what we love right?

Sizzling hot!

So here's the...

6ix Sizzling Reasons To Start A New Blog(s):

1~Your Playground-To Examine New Designs
Just like Tech Buzzer, it allows me to explore new ways to present my thoughts through a totally different approach. In other words, I could examine the effectiveness of different themes and layouts. Toying with the special features of the themes, such as the placings and styles. Its like being on the beach and building sand castles of your likings.

2~Your Laboratory-To Research On New Tools
I have to admit that Tekkaus is kinda over-saturated right now! Tekkaus is stuffed with lots of plugins and widgets; so much so that some times I feel it's dragging the blog down. But at the same time these plugins & widgets elevate readers experience. More interactive I would say. BUT as I mentioned, there's barely any space to accommodate new widgets so it's fitting to have a new blog to try out new plugins and tools. So I believe a new blog can serve as a lab for us to toy with the "mice"!

3~Diversify Your "Singing" Style-To Test With New Voices
It's been 1 year since I started blogging albeit on and off. And I do notice that right now I have a fixed pattern on how I blog. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all to have a fixed "voice" for your current blog. Readers has adapted and familiarize themselves with your style-they feel at home. But it will get "dry" over time. Yupe! We should start a new blog to experiment with different voices and styles. This enable us to be versatile and bring out the creative power in us. Are you still singing your favourite pop song? It's time to ROCK!!!

4~Fresh As Daisy-Give Yourself That Extra Ompph!
Well, "Ompph" simply denotes energy (or its equivalent) in Malaysia! Starting a new blog can give you that new zest and gusto that you needed to keep on going. New blogs enable us to attend to it differently. Just like having a newborn baby, a new blog need different attention and distinct approach compared to your old blog(s). It enable us to acquire more knowledge and let us view certain things from different perspective. And more importantly let us utilizes our creativeness optimally!

5~To Leverage Your Other Blog(s)-Mix & Match
Why would I say a new blog can help leveraging our old blogs? Starting a new blog especially a niche blog can help you meeting a lot of new friends and allow you to mingle with them. The sensation of launching, the gathering of a new readership, exploring new topics, seeing how readers respond to your posts, connecting with other blogs in a niche is nothing but fun. Moreover, a new blog can also help you leverage you old ones and direct more traffics to them. Mix & Match?

6~Diversify Your Income Streams-Amplify Your Revenue
No doubt that starting a new blog can help pump up your income. The combined traffics and impressions that you got from commencing a new blog can be converted into extra clicks and money. And if you are really good, you might even get yourself long-term sponsors for your new blog. Essentially it's all about increasing your daily readerships. Your hard works will certainly translate into a nice extra income stream!

A new blog can help you earn extra $$$

Last but not least, remember not to bite off more than you can chew. If not your overall efforts will go down the drains. Of course there are a "select" few "elites" that can juggle more than 10 projects/blogs at the same time...but for me, I've found that I'm able to get the most out of me on a small number of projects/blogs (3 to 4 blogs)! So are you ready to get sizzling?


Lisa said...

great insight ...


Tekkaus said...

Lisa-->thanks. I take that as a compliment? =)

foongpc said...

Yes, I remember Tech Buzzer. Last time visited so many times no update, I also stopped visiting : ) Good thing you are reviving it! As for me, 1 blog also tough to maintain, don't talk about 2 blogs!! But I hope to start a 2nd blog in future which I hope to make into a money earner, should be a niche blog, and perhaps hire writers to write for me.

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Haha! Yeah! only you leaved comment in it. I wanted to revive it for quite some time now. Glad I managed to do it. Yeah! Actually it's quite hard even to maintain 1 right? =/ gonna hire writers?

foongpc said...

Yeah, I thought about hiring writers. No time to write for so many blogs, right? Also maybe the blog will be about something I'm not well versed in, it depends on what topic will get me more traffic. For example, I know writing about health will be difficult since you are competing with so many authoritative health blogs that have PR ranking of 5 and above. I think to make money from blogs, we need a blog that attracts traffic and be high on the Google Search engine.

molly said...

I have a hard time keeping my blog alive. If I start another blog both will die together. LOL

Tekkaus said...

Foongpc-->Yeah! That's not such a bad idea after all. Yeah! I wanted to make some cash from blogs too. =)

Tekkaus said...

Molly-->Haha =) Well, then you can concentrate all your energy on 1 blgo lor. =)

Unknown said...

super advise :) hooray to yr other blog!