Saturday, October 18, 2008

Double Comeback: Tekkaus & White Rabbit Sweet

Yes, you guys might be wondering where I had been for these few days right? A whopping 5 days to be precise. Did you miss Tekkaus? Ha ;P Anyway, here I am back in Malacca. You see, I went to a place in Selangor 5 days ago. Traveled 127 Kilometers North-west to the 1st planned city in Malaysia after the independence-Shah Alam. Some of you might be curious what was I doing over there right? Well, all I can say is that it's an all (almost) expense-paid "holiday" for me. Nah~actually it was a management training stint. And tomorrow will be the official day for me to start working! I know some of you will ask what company I am in right now? Sorry but I can only reveal this much-It's a very reputable Japanese company with 2 decades of pedigree in Malaysia.

This is my working attire! =)

In case you guys have been mourning about the demise of your favourite White Rabbit, here's something to cheer you up! White Rabbit had just been revived! Yes, you heard me right. The banned White Rabbit creamy candies has been resurrected. A massive 1,027 tonnes of White Rabbits have been cleared of melamine by city authorities and are available domestically and worldwide again from Thursday (16th October 2008). Customers thronged First Food Store in the famous East Nanjing Road pedestrian mall here upon knowing that the new candies were back in the store. They really like to munch on these Rabbits huh.

People rushing for the White Rabbits in Shanghai!

I still remember when I was a totting kiddo, I had always love to gobble up these rabbits., especially during the Chinese New Year. Yupe, these candies are a must have during the festive season. They are creamy but what really catches everyone attention is we can actually eat the "wrapper". Of course not until it was reported to be tainted with Melamine. But now, we can eat the outer wrapper AGAIN! Yay! Hopefully this time around, nothing "extra" will be added to these bunnies.

They are coming to Malaysia, again.

I'm sure these Rabbits haven't hop onto Malaysia's shores yet. But I believe you can find these all-time-favourite in Malaysia soon. The new candies would carry a label that reads ‘No Melamine’ to restore consumers’ confidence in the 50-year-old brand. Yes, it has been around for half a century!!! Wow, that's really a long time huh. Anyway, for the time being all we can do is wait for them hopping their way back here. *wink* ;)

Watch what happened in Shanghai during
the White Rabbit comeback 2 days ago!

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