Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Test: How Read-able Is Your Blog?

From this test: Lim Kit Siang's blog totally outgunned Mahathir's and Kenny Sia's blog! 3 of them are probably Malaysia's most famous and prominent bloggers to date. This test will measure the level of education required to understand a particular blog. You need to be a Genius to read Kit Siang's blog. Likewise our ex-PM's Che Det reading level is of College (undergraduate). And last but not least Malaysian favourite-Kenny Sia's blog reading level is only of elementary school! So this denote that Kenny's writing is not intelligent enough?

Honestly I doubt the test reliability. After checking this test on other blogs, I have to say that the outcome is somewhat unpredictable. I'm not sure what algorithm is used to calculate a blog readability. Perhaps it has something to do with page rank? Or maybe links in? Or maybe the level of vocabulary used? I don't know. After toiling around with this test, I discovered that there are 6 different type of readability levels.

Which does your blog belong?

Of course I have taken this test too. And the results somewhat left me giggling away. My primary blog, Tekkaus with 200++ posts needed postgraduate level to read it. Then I checked the readability of my another blog-Tech Buzzer! Guess what? Tech Buzzer with only 3 posts to display and aged merely a few days old is deemed as Genius! Wow! That means both my blogs are better than Mahathir and Kenny Sia? Now that's wacky.

blog readability testblog readability test
Tekkaus! Tech-Buzzer!

As I mentioned earlier, the criteria of this test is not known. Hence it cannot be used as a yardstick. Or in other words, this is one useless test? I don't know. So just have fun with it. And yes, you can display the rating of your blog with the badge. Flaunt it if you have it. Good morning!

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