Saturday, September 6, 2008

12 Tantalizing Real Tree Houses!!!

When I was younger, I have always loved watching movies and cartoons from Disney that depict the carefree life of their characters. There's this gorgeous country house with smokes floating out of the brick-ey chimney; a few mountains occupying the background; a river streaming with crystal clear water; horses and other animals running occasionally we'll get to see a tree house.

Honestly...till today I still harbour hopes of having my very own tree house. When I was younger, I always thought that I could sleep at my own house-the treehouse. Have some friends over and play the whole night; Make the tree house as a watching tower! Well, perhaps one day I could have my very own treehouse to play with my children. But 1st, I need to have tonnes of cold hard cash, a large land and a strong tree of course!

For the time being, here's 12 real life tree houses I could marvel at:

1~Cedar Spire (Fire, Scotland)

2~Sophie's Dream House (UK)

3~Kitchenette Climber (West Sussex, UK)


5~Home Office Tree House (United Kingdom)

6~The Learning Tree (Geneva, Switzerland)

7~The Spiral House (Rambouillet Forest, France)


9~Nut House (Dusseldorf, Germany)

10~Sky High Tree House (Saleve Mountain, France)

11~Riverside Tree House (United Kingdom)

12~4Treehouse (Ontario, Canada)

Tantalized? Maybe not. So which is your favourite tree house if you could have one? As for's quite tough...but I'll go for No. 6# The Learning Tree House in Switzerland! For those who still dreaming of having your own dream house-STOP DREAMING and make it real! Ha =)

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