Saturday, September 6, 2008

4 Healthy Flying Tips For Barisan Nasional's Reps

Yes. We heard it all! All Barisan Nasional's reps have been asked to hand in their passports for a study trip. Where and when will the trip take place? I don't know. But rumours had it that all BN's reps will be flying abroad ahead of Sept 16, the date that is promulgated about for purpoted defection (aka disloyalty) to take place. Perfectly timed right? Now "everyone can fly!" I wonder which airlines they'll be taking. AirAsia I guess, because they are a little cheaper.

Of course Anwar will not be happy to hear about this study trip. But the PKR de facto still maintained that everything is in place for his coup d'etat! So will his plan to hijacked Malaysia become reality? I don't know...there's only 10 days left! But for those BN reps who are going abroad to learn more about agriculture, all the best for you!

And here's 4 healthy tips while you are a few thousands miles above the solid ground:

1~Mask yourself. A study reports that we're at increased risk of cacthing cold and flu viruses during flights. So besides watching you hands as often as possible, do wear a protective mask labelled "N95" (screens out 95% of airborne particles). N95 is more efficient compared to those surgical mask worn by doctors.

N95 Mask! Good for you.

2~Clear those ears. Yes! See those brownish-colored "dungs" in you ears? It's time to clean up. Changes in air pressure can suck the eardrums inward. Ouch!!! That sure hurts. A decongestant clears nasal passages so pressure won't build up.

3~Mind Your H2O. Researchers found that bacteria such as E. coli (cause diarrhoe an nausea) in the water galleys and bathroom sinks of ONE out of every SEVEN planes. Wow...that's 15% of chance to crap in your pants. Really watery issue huh!

Never toy with the toilet!

4~Step Up. Yes! Don't be so sluggish. Sit too long, and your blood will pools in the legs. Guess what's the worst thing that could happen? You leg might suffer "stroke!" Sticking your butt too long on the seat will lead to potential fatal clots in your legs. So stand up and walk around often (twice per hour).

I'm positive that these tips will be well received by all BN's reps furthering their "study." Enjoy ya! Hopefully BN's plan of getting lost will work out. But not to the extent that they are really lost and appear in Lost's latest season! What the...

And don't forget your luggage!