Friday, August 8, 2008

The Reason: I’m (Still) Lost!

I'm lost! But nothing to do with these guys!

To my fellow blogger-friends who have always dropped by, thanks for your support and concern. Time does fly right? It’s been two months since I last wrote anything to share with you guys? Perhaps some of you might be asking why I’m lost? Or none of you give a damm. Ha ;D

Candidly things have not always been acceptable for the past few months. I had terminated (graduated) my university life in May thinking that I’ll be working in July or August the latest. My guesstimate was totally blown out of proportion. It’s 08-08-08 and I’m still jobless. I’m at home but I’m not a potato couch okay!!!

Now! Now! You guys might think that I’m a lousy guy huh! A useless graduate who can’t even land himself a job? Humbly speaking I do have a few job offers. And I have 2 which I really, really love. But as I mentioned, at this moment things does not flow the way I want it to.

I’m practically un-mobile-able at this juncture. Verily, I am taking care of my dearest mom right now. She’s not in the best condition so to speak. And I’m not going to abandon her at this testing time. I’m sure Sir Bobby Robson would fathom and agree. Hence for the time being I’ll still be an unemployed, unwaged, workless, between jobs, redundant blogger. =)

I like this photo!
Reminds me of ME!

There’s no productivity and of course there won’t be any rewards for me (X Job=X Income=X Streamyx). That’s why I still can’t get myself an internet connection inside the comfort of my home. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog again. But until then I wish everyone all the best.

Maybe Hoobastank might know The Reason right? Here's what they have to say!

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