Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tekkaus Is Back But NTLDR Is Missing

To all fellow bloggers, readers and friends-I owe you guys my apology. Sorry that I have nothing to show in Tekkaus these few days. Went back to my "sanctuary" last Thursday to see my family. Of course my "sanctuary" does not have any Internet connecting the "outside world"-you guys. After recuperated for a few days, I came back to civilization yesterday (What? Meaning my home is so stone-aged?).

Indeed I am!

I was happy to be back yesterday. After spending some time catching up with my wife I switched on my PC to blog. "Yay, Tekkaus is back in business", I told myself. After a few seconds my excitement dissipated. To my surprise, history repeats itself. Once again, my old-trusty PC is down and broken. It has been plagued with the "disease" that had crippled it in the past. DAMM you NTLDR! Again and again NTLDR reappears and haunt me. Yet again this dreaded message appears upon start-up: NTLDR is missing...again! Thank God I am done with my thesis.

I hate NTLDR!!!

I tried my best to salvage my loyal PC (8 years old). I used my wife laptop and googled about methods to fix the NTLDR mess. I've tried thousands of time but my effort is nothing but futile. Then things got worse...I could not even format or reinstall a new XP! My hard drive was corrupted. Will my 8 years old PC die? Will he surmount this re-occurrence of "cardiac arrest"? I'm not sure, he's still on life support (I'm still trying to format it). No thank you to Microsoft. If anyone of you do stumble-upon "NTLDR is missing", perhaps you can try to fix it by clicking here for some guide. Does not work for me. =(

So for the time being, I can only do my best and hope a miracle will happen and spare my PC. Anyway, I'm relieve that I could still publish this post. Thanks to all Tekkaus' visitors especially Quachee. I really appreciate everyone's visits. Thank you for the support. And thanks to my wife for granting me permission to use her laptop. =)

Please come again! =)


Unknown said...

hey ur back! sorry on the comp. looking to see yr interesting posts :)

Tekkaus said...

Thanks bro. =) Yeah! I'm back but I'll be gone again soon.

3POINT8 said...

Awww...attack of the NTLDR.
Its time to get a new baby to replace your 8yr old loyal fan.

[Anyway, this is totally unrelated to your blogpost]
I'm planning to start something and you are invited. Its a new concept and i'm not sure if it will work, but I extend the invitation to you anyway.
If you are interested, drop me a mail me @