Friday, August 15, 2008

Life's Like That!

Not everything in this world happened the way it should be. Perhaps that's some underlying complex algorithms that is totally beyond our understanding that govern how's stuff works in our world.

Lots of stuff occurred in a way that we thought undeserved! Some of us might question why after all that we've done, we still get what we don't deserve? Some are showered with tonnes of good fortune that everyone know they don't deserve it. Even the blind can "see" that. But as I said before, that is life!

We have seen those who gulped in bottles of vodka and puffing packets of Dunhill still walking healthily among us! Ironically there are those unfortunate few who are so health conscious are at the receiving end of all those sad conclusion! Why? I don't know. Is it fate? Is it Karma? Is it about merits? Or this is all one very corrupted way to balance up our world? Do you have the answer?

Perhaps no one do...Life's like that!

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