Monday, May 5, 2008

Ladies: Waist Warning!

Are these from McDonald's French Fries?

Here's the fatally four reasons why you should beware of your waist measurement.Abdominal fat is considered a contributor to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and possibly cancer. All these four disease will torture and kill you slowly. So, still can't resist you extra large meal? Guess what, those extra fats around your waist could also increase the risk of premature death!

44,636 women were involved in this study. Most of them are in their early 50s at the start of the study, who did not have cardiovascular disease or cancer. Over the next 16 years, 3,507 of them died (751: cardiovascular disease, 1,748: cancer).

Here's the facts and figures. Compared to women with smaller waist, women with largest waists (35 or more inches):

1~were twice as likely to have died of cardiovascular disease.
2~63% more likely to have died of cancer.
3~79% more likely to die from any cause.

Yummy~tummy~I know it's tasty!
But it could kill you too!

So ladies who carried excess weight around your waist, it's time to trim down not for the sake of your high school Levis jeans nor for the night gown you've only worn once! No, it's time to slim down to live longer! Okay, it's time to go lean and cut down on all those harmless-looking cookies!

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