Monday, May 5, 2008

5 Ways To Manage Workplace Stress + 5 (From Iron Man)

Tomorrow is the dreaded Monday again! Some of you really wish that it's Sunday morning instead! Reality check! Weekend is over. The torture begin again. It's Monday after all. It's time to wake up. After gulping the usual java and munch some bread with peanut butter, off you go to your second home-office/workplace.

Wow! That's really a LOT!!!

Upon reaching your desk, you just realized that you haven't finish what you had scheduled last week. The mountains of paperwork in front of you make you so darn sick. How you wish you could take a MC, but you already took all you have for this week. Nope! No more escape. Sense of responsibility gripped you and you hurried to sieve all the clutters on your table. The pressure keeps on mounting and finally you erupted. You are so stress!

Sounds usual? Yeah! Nowadays more and more people get stressed. Especially those who have to endure their tormenting life is the hustle and bustle of city. So here's some simple 5 tips for you to deal with your workplace stress! Behold...

5 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

1~Take break
Throughout the day take a few breaks. It will surely help to clear your frozen mind and relieve the bottle-necked pressure. Well, how to break it? Easy. Something simple as going to the water cooler for a drink may do the trick. Or you can always munch on Kit Kat: "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat!"

2~Before or After Work Exercise Class
Well, this is a chance for you to unscrew and loosen all those tightly bound bolts and nuts that make you so rusty! Time to unwind.

3~First Thing First
Do all your demanding task in the morning. Well this is the time when you energy is higher and the demanding task can be accomplished easier. This will surely make your job lighter later in the day, when you may be drained.

4~Music On The Move
This is surely one of the most universal remedy that everyone know. Yep! Use headphone if you're doing so in the middle of the workday. *Provided it's allowed!

5~Once A Week
Get to work early or stay late once a week. This way, you may be able to accomplish more when you vary your routine. Try it. It works for me.

+5 (From Iron Man)
Here's the eXtra 5 from the man of steel himself-Iron Man! When the stress get tougher and really unbearable. It's time to fight back. If your boss are giving you too many deadlines. It's time to build you very own "Iron Man" suit to escape your demanding boss' grip. Here are you 4 tactical plot to escape from you stress (temporarily):

1~Confront Your Bossy Boss
Yes. If you are really sure that you want to get rid of the stress (and your work), confront your boss and ask for a raise. Which of course you won't get it!

2~Work Really Hard
Not for your boss. But for yourself! Slog like inhumanly for your job at hand like you never before. Loose yourself in the job. I'm sure not only your colleague will notice your spike of performance but your boss too. Equipped yourself with more knowledge and skill. This will prepare you for D-Day, so that you are the who's in control!

Again you meet up with your boss. But this time around, you'll be the "boss". Raise your palm and flamed your boss. In other words, you are quitting the company. What? This way, you make your current boss and company look irrelevant to you. Ouch! A smack in the face for them. And I'm sure you'll enjoy the look in their face. So now you can have a short vacation before you put on you "working suit" again! Feeling happy?

4~Put On Your Working Suit
After the much-deserved rest. It's time to work again. Put on your Iron Man suit and find a job that really suits you. It's job-hunting time again. And do enjoy the job-hunting game ya.

5~Watch Iron Man
Well, this is the final step for you be stress-free. Watch the movie and you'll learn more hands on tips from Iron Man himself. For those who haven't watch this, you are yesterday! Learn all the stress-free tips from this movie. It's time to fire your boss! For the time being watch the trailer.

P.S.: The +5 (From Iron Man) is meant only to relieve your stress (if it succeed). You are not encouraged to really do this to your boss or to your current job. But the 5 Ways to Manage Work Stress is really recommended. Anyway, happy working to everyone. Good morning!


Unknown said...

like yr extra 5 haha... u must like the movie a lot :)

Tekkaus said...

Seriously I haven't watch yet! But I really watch to watch it after my presentation. Wow! You sure is up early huh! Good morning!

zewt said...

not many ppl will dare to do a D-day with the boss though :)

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Unless the boss which the CEO of the company is his dad! LOL. Hey, zewt thanks for dropping by! =)