Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guan Eng & Anwar Choose AirAsia

It's really interesting to watch the dog fight between AirAsia and MAS. Both are offering free tickets right now. But in the end who will prevail? Is it the Now Everyone Can Fly (AirAsia) or is it Fly Value 5 Star (MAS)? So where will you put your money? The fight is till in its infancy and I'm sure the battle will last for years to come.

It's good to be a Malaysian!

Although MAS has been Malaysian more experience airline in term of existence, AirAsia certainly looks to have the upper hand in this fight. Perhaps true to what Tony Fernandes said: No one knows the low-cost business like AirAsia. I'm sure Manchester United would vote for AirAsia too (AirAsia sponsored the Red Devils). Besides that I heard from somewhere that Guan Eng and his partner-Anwar are also strong advocates of AirAsia! Talking about star attraction?

Now we know!

Recently I stumbled upon an email showing the present Penang's Chief Minister-Guan Eng traveling via economy class (actually the photo was doctored)! "Kudos" to the Penang CM for willing to stoop low and save more money for the people. Or is he? Hmm...I last heard that his wife, Betty rushed to Penang to help him with the Penang's money issue...or is she keeping her eyes on Guan Eng and the AirAsia stewardess? Who knows?

Those of you who is following our Malaysian politics would have known that PKR is trying hard to court the Sabah's MP to crossover. Whether they are doing it clean or not, nobody cares. I'm sure telephone persuasion is really hard. Hence more physical approach is needed. A representative from PKR will have to fly using the cheaper AirAsia to Sabah now and then for this mission. PKR's Anwar is the only person capable to complete this man-to-man physical approach mission. I'm sure he's very good at convincing the Sabah MPs to crossover. Don't forget that Anwar is a great back door attacker! So BN really needs to cross their fingers.

TIE-BREAKER: Okay, enough "star" attraction. Here's the deal. Both AirAsia and MAS offer one million tickets at zero fare. But AirAsia seems to lead this race for the time being by offering RM5 off on fuel surcharges for domestic routes. If this continue, AirAsia will get the trophy. Let's see how MAS will respond. Ultimately we are the ones who will be benefiting.

QUESTIONS: So I'm sure all the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) members will choose AirAsia right? Will Pakatan Rakyat members follow Guan Eng's footsteps and travel economy class just like what we see in the "doctored" photo? Every flight can save the rakyat extra RM5, why not? In line with Pakatan Rakyat's drive to do everything for the rakyat, so I guess we can only bumped into PR members on AirAsia! So NO MORE business class, 1st class and MAS flight for them.

Tekkaus: The above story is utterly (or maybe) ficticious. Buy it at your own risk! But AirAsia and MAS do offer zero fare for their 1 million tickets. To find out more about both the offers click AirAsia and MAS!

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