Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make Your Computer GREENer!

Looks like you?

As much as 30 billion kilowatt-hour of energy is wasted because many of us simply forget to shut down our computers when we are not using it anymore. Some of us let our computers on to download stuff; some of us let the computer on to let the music be our lullaby while we doze off; some let it on for the sake of watching the screen saver blaze through their screen. Whatever the reason is, we are destroying our mother earth indirectly!

I don't like smoke. Do you?

So why don't we improve the way we use our PC? Not only we could save billions of dollars, we could also save on fuel and trees that are used to generate those electricity that our computers CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions from 15 computers are equivalent, in energy terms, to the gas consumption of one car. Ultimately as more energy is wasted, more trees and fuels will be used and more greenhouse gases will invade our atmosphere. When this happen Global Warming is in its full stride.

We will be doom if we STILL do nothing!

This is when WASTE IS HASTE! Our waste hasten global warming and in the end we will "waste" ourself! Still remember the movie The Day After Tomorrow? It might be sooner than we expect if we are still ignorant and selfish! Does the tragedies in Myanmar and China is a stern reminder for us? We have incur Mother Earth wrath and we must do something!

Okay! Certainly an overnight drastic change for everyone of us is virtually impossible. But I'm sure baby steps is still viable right? So why don't each and everyone of us do our tiny bit to save our earth? How? Easy. Just install LocalCooling and it will optimize your computer to save more electricity and as a result reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sound like a good baby step? Local Cooling is 100% free. Here's what you can expect from Local Cooling:

1~Cut your electricity bill ($$$).
2~Reduce PC power consumption.
3~Reduce greenhouse gases.
4~More control over your PC power mode.
5~Improve overall efficiency and computing experience.
6~Show you how much you have saved.

I have installed and used LocalCooling. I have do my part. It's time for you guys to do yours. Come on, let us take some baby steps to make this world a better place. At least for our children and grandchildren. :)


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silO said...

Yeah, this is rather interesting but sad to say, more people prefer to leave their computer on even if they're not using because they have 'free' and unlimited electricity. You know what I mean. Perhaps this is a leaping stone in making people realize that if they don't stop, it will be the end of the world. Sigh...

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Why suddenly India Child health care spam this comment box?

>>India child health care: please don't do this again!

>>Yeah! Looks like nobody cares because most thing it doesn't matter!