Thursday, May 1, 2008

Must Watch: See How Stupid PAS-backed Pasir Emas MP Was!

Yesterday's first session in Parliament was a complete disgrace to Malaysia. Perhaps Malaysian have hope too much from the newly elected MPs which comprised of the opposition. Don't get me wrong. But a few opposition MPs really are downright idiots! And they look more worse than the BNs. And most notably, the greatest fool of them all is Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali.

Yeah, we know PAS scratch you back!

The rude Ali stood for election on a PAS ticket but was listed as an independent (so what PAS have to say right now?). He even mocked DAP's Karpal Singh. But I thought they are of the same camp-Pakatan Rakyat. Do you guys know what the lunatic did? The mindless, insensitive Pasir Mas MP vented his frustration by saying that Karpal had humiliated the parliament by not standing up to speak. Is this Pasir Mas idiot blind? Karpal has been wheelchair-bound since a motor accident. Poor Karpal. Yeah, and that's why the people in Pasir Mas voted for Ibrahim Ali. Smart huh! Notice that I don't refer this opportunist parasitic skunk as Datuk because he doesn't deserve it at all.

For 90 minutes, only 3 questions are covered. Yes! ONLY 3. Such a thing had never happened in the history of Dewan Rakyat (You should know why). Sparks flew in the Parliament yesterday with MPs shouting, bickering and calling each other names live on television with the Speaker having a tough time controlling the House. Didn't they know that they were live on TV. Now, the whole nation can really see how some of their MPs are.

Let's hope the next session will be more about the people. MPs should be our role model and not an influence to decay us of our moral and dignity. All the MPs, let's hold the wishes and the hopes of the people who had voted for you. Parliament is not a circus, it's a place to voice and find the solution to help the people. Don't forget all of the MPs are after all only wakil rakyat! They represent us. Come on Malaysian MPs! It's time to serve the rakyat.

And as for the idiotic Ibrahim Ali, you time is ticking. Trust me! Unless the Pasir Emas people are really stupid to realize that. I'm sure they are not. By the way let's watch his stupidity in the Parliament yesterday!

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