Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Malaysians Celebrate Labour Day

Firstly it's appropriate to introduce our main star of the day-Labour Day! As we all know, today is a public holiday. So basically today no one need to use their fake MC slip to "play truant". Well, the celebration was rooted from the 8-hour-day movement! Meaning 8 hours for labouring, 8 hours for recreation and another 8 hours for dozing off!

Well today will surely be one hack of a day. I mean since everyone (almost) everyone is not working, so all the roads will be choked with cars. In fact yesterday night when I was out with my wife for dinner, all the roads were flooded with traffic. Today, it'll be a whole lot more worse. So if you are planning to have an outing, be prepared to "work" by waiting! Then my friend, patience is a virtue.

So here's what I reckon how most Malaysian will celebrate their Labour Day:

1~Makan (eat) All Day Long

As we all know Malaysia is a heaven for food. So today will be an added incentives for Malaysian to eat more for all their hard works. Munch! Munch! Munch!

This will happen all day long!

2~Watch Movie
Although piracy rate is still high in Malaysia, but from time to time we do want to be original and watch original. So today will be a good day to support the film industry right?

Perhaps it's still early in the morning right now!
So the number is still really low!

Yes, on their way to the food stalls, restaurant and malls. This started very early especially today! So remember to grab your newspaper to "waste" some of your time beneficially!

No wonder no one is at the cinema yet!

For a select few. Labour Day is about making love...with the bed all day long. Since they can't really get a good doze every day. Labour Day is really a special occasion to sleep all day.

Get out of my face!

Ironically for a few, Labour Day still means that labouring have to be done as usual. Again the same routine with the usual java to come around. Poor people. We salute you guys man! Anyway for the sake of the day, we still should wish them, "Happy Labour Day!"

Damm! Shouldn't have got this job.

6~Blog about How Malaysians Celebrate Labour Day
Yes. I'm sure thousands of Malaysian will do this before doing the other 5 mentioned above. So hopefully every Malaysian enjoy this very day okay! Don't blog too much. Go out and have some sun. Have fun! =)

Happy blogging!


Sharon said...

This was a rather amusing post. I'm choosing Option 4 this year. Badly needed sleep! :) Happy Labour's Day!

Bengbeng said...

good take on the theme..Labor Day
congrats on yr PR3

Tekkaus said...

Heym thanks beng beng and sharon!

Sharon>> Ha! I slept the whole day too.

Beng beng>> Thanks ya. Happy labour day to you too. Yupe I've added you to my blogroll. =) cheers