Friday, April 18, 2008

Thesis Sucks! Outta My Head!

It's been awhile since I last blogged huh! 7 days! That's a new record for me! To my subscribers...sorry! And what's the reason for me to un-blog for that period? Thesis! Thesis! Thesis! Finally had I handed up the draft of my thesis! This few days were really tough (last week). All my course mates would agree. No doubt about it. All the sleepless nights are over (at least for now). I'm sure glad I managed to accomplish this mission impossible of mine again! If you guys had read my previous post, you would have know that I'm a slow-starter. Or last minute-ter if you like!

Yes. I have always do things when the time is running out! Perhaps I can only perform better under pressure. Anyway, with the much dreaded thesis out of my face...hopefully nothing will go wrong with my what I had submitted. Will cross my finger tightly! As a final year student of NUM (National University of Malaysia), writing a thesis is compulsory if you want to graduate! So everyone have to do this. I'm sure you guys are curious about what research I'm doing right?

Yeah! This is what I need to look and write about!

These are known as zooplankton. Sounds jargon-ish? I would love to tell you more. But it would take pages. So why don't you check it out at wikipedia. Click here! Yes! You might even find it intriguing! In case you still can't knick out what is zooplankton...just go watch SpongeBob Squarepants. And the character with one eye-Mr. Plankton is the wanted fella! Here's the cute version of zooplankton!

Didn't know plankton loves burger!

Okay! Enough about my thesis! It really sucks man! making me having sleepless nights...walking around like a zombie. Then again, it's my fault for not starting it early! Then again, if I finished it too soon I wouldn't be able to show off my Tom Kerusi (Chair is Malay Language) save the day thingy! Then again...okay! Enough! Last but not least, thesis sucks! And here's a perfect music for my thesis! Get outta my head!!!

P.S. Yep, this song is from Ashlee Simpson! And she's pregnant you know! The baby's father is Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz! Good for them. At least they didn't abort their baby! =)

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