NOYSI Review: Horrific PR and Terrible Leadership by Héctor Castillo

NOYSI Review: A Disappointing Journey of Terrible Leadership and Horrific PR. A PR disaster brewed by the PR-incompetent Héctor Castillo CEO of NOYSI.
NOYSI Terrible Leadership and Horrific PR

Update: Yesterday (4th of December 2023), I received a message from the Héctor Castillo-the current CEO of NOSY at the moment. He threatened me by saying that my NOYSI account will be deleted as what I have posted is untruthful. He demanded that I take down this article on Medium. He also defamed me by saying that I was spamming in his group and therefore I was removed. His constant arrogance and ignorance really knows no bounds. Instead of apologising, he chooses to escalate this issue that was his fault to begin with. Just goes to show his character, PR skills and so-called "leadership".  Refer to the message that he had sent me! Let's see when my NOYSI team account will be "eliminated" by him and the "new" NOYSI team!

Héctor Castillo Threatened To Eliminate My Noisy Account

Héctor Castillo Threatened To Eliminate My Noisy Account

Héctor Castillo Threatened To Eliminate My Noisy Account

Héctor Castillo Threatened To Eliminate My Noisy Account

Will the so-called "new" NOSYI owner(s) be equally bad at PR as alluded by Héctor Castillo in his recent message? I doubt they will resort to similar unprofessional underhand tactics and threats like Héctor Castillo. I am positive that the new management (without the current CEO) can skilfully respond and manage PR issues. Time will tell. Let's find out, shall we?

Original Story: Today (29th of August 2023) I am going to share my personal experience and express my deep dissatisfaction with NOYSI, a platform that had the potential to be one of the best Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings in the market. However, due to its terrible leadership (no thanks to Héctor Castillo) and horrendously hostile and rude PR, NOYSI’s future seems bleak. In this post, I will delve into the issues of their terrible PR, arrogant leadership, and their misallocation of resources.

Continue to read and view the screenshots of my conversations with the insolent CEO!

NOYSI: Horrific PR and Terrible Leadership by Héctor Castillo

I have invested in more than 60 different SaaS and NONE of the companies' PR has been disrespectful to me as a customer. Only NOYSI's which is led by its CEO has that audacity and ignorance to be so mindless and tactless. Join me as I shed light on my journey with NOYSI and the impact it had on loyal users like myself. Furthermore, it is crucial to warn potential users and investors about the detrimental effect that terrible leadership and rude PR can have on a platform’s success.

1. Initial Excitement Turns to Disappointment

When I first started using NOYSI, I was filled with excitement. The platform showed great promise and had the potential to revolutionize communication in the business world. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment as I realized that NOYSI was doing little to add any extra useful features or provide much-needed updates to their roadmaps.

1.1 Lacklustre PR and Arrogant Leadership

One of the major issues I encountered was NOYSI’s terrible PR. Led by their CEO, Héctor Castillo, the team often displayed an arrogant and disrespectful attitude towards the users. Instead of addressing user concerns and suggestions with professionalism and respect, they responded with hostility and excuses. Such behavior not only alienates users but also tarnishes the reputation of the platform.

1.2 Empty Promises and Excuses

As time went on, it became evident that NOYSI’s promises were empty. The lack of new features and updates was glaringly obvious, leaving loyal users like myself feeling frustrated and neglected. We patiently waited for enhancements that would enhance our experience, but all we received were empty promises and excuses. This lack of progress indicates a failure in leadership and a disregard for user satisfaction.

2. A Shocking Misallocation of Resources

The most alarming revelation came when the CEO announced the launch of a separate platform offering ERP tools. Apparently, this platform called is founded earlier this year (2023) and will be officially launched in September 2023 by the current CEO of NOYSI. This decision left me questioning the company’s priorities and allocation of resources. If NOYSI claimed to struggle with maintaining the existing platform, how could they suddenly find ample time and resources to launch a new one?

2.1 Removal without Explanation

When I politely questioned this decision in the official chat, I was shocked to find myself removed and kicked out (28th of August 2023) without any explanation. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was not alone in facing such treatment. In the past, many others who dared to question the company’s decisions were also blocked and removed. This kind of censorship only serves to further erode trust in the company and its leadership.

3. Neglecting Loyal Users for New Ventures

It is mind-boggling that Héctor Castillo chose to introduce a whole new platform while neglecting the desperate need for improvements on the existing one-NOYSI. Users like myself patiently waited for enhancements that would make our experience better, but all we received were empty promises and excuses. A lot of "To-Do" features for NOYSI have yet to be fulfilled and most of them have been delayed for more than 1 year. Ask any existing NOYSI's users and they can confirm this! The CEO claimed that they did not have enough manpower BUT now they are rolling out a new ERP platform? This is NOYSI's roadmap (which I think they will change or delete later).

NOYSI Roadmap UnfulfilledNOYSI Roadmap Unfulfilled

NOYSI Roadmap UnfulfilledNOYSI Roadmap Unfulfilled

3.1 Lack of Value for Existing Users

The team behind NOYSI failed to see the value in nurturing its existing user base and delivering on its promises. By neglecting their loyal customers, they effectively drove them away and tarnished their own reputation. It is disheartening to witness a company prioritize new ventures over the needs and desires of its existing user base.

3.2 A Disintegration of Potential

NOYSI had the potential to become one of the best SaaS platforms in the market. Its initial offerings showed promise, and users eagerly awaited updates and improvements. However, due to terrible leadership and a lack of focus on user satisfaction, NOYSI is slowly losing its standing in the market. The failure to capitalize on its potential is a missed opportunity that may be difficult to recover from.

4. Warning Signs for Potential Users

The misallocation of resources by the team behind NOYSI is not only disappointing but also a warning sign for potential users. It raises doubts about their reliability and customer-focused approach. If they cannot be trusted to invest in making their current platform (NOYSI) better, how can they be trusted to deliver on promises for future offerings?

4.1 Terrible Leadership’s Role in Demise

The terrible leadership displayed by Héctor Castillo is a significant factor contributing to NOYSI’s  imminent downfall. His rude and arrogant behavior towards users and disregard for their opinions have created a toxic environment that does not foster growth or innovation. Potential users should take note of this warning sign and consider alternative platforms that prioritize user satisfaction and value their feedback. I had heated argument (2nd August 2022) with this so-called leader and I must say that till this very day, I am baffled by his insolence.

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

In this conversation, I shared the link (it was obviously not an affiliate link) to another company's SaaS in NOYSI's official group chat as a feedback. I was hoping that the team behind NOYSI could implement some of the outstanding features from this platform to make NOYSI better. Unfortunately, my comments were deleted. I was then verbally attacked by the CEO and accused of sharing an affiliate link of another company's product (which I did not!).

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

My intention was to provide the team behind NOYSI with feedback to improve and enhance their so-called Task Manager. That was back in August 2022. Until this very day (29th of August 2023), there is still NO improvement made to Task Manager due to "shortage of staff" and now there are rolling out another ERP platform (with 40 different tools) that has better Task Management features? After this argument, from "To-do", this so-called enhanced Task Manager has been pushed back to "Evaluating". You will be the judge of this PR disaster!

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

NOYSI CEO Héctor Castillo Terrible PR Rude Behaviours

5. Beware of Héctor Castillo: A History of Broken Promises and Censorship

It is crucial for future users (of NOYSI) and potential investors in his upcoming startups and companies to be aware of the alarming behavior of Héctor Castillo, the CEO of NOYSI. He resorts to censorship by deleting comments and deactivating anyone who disagrees with his own ideas. This raises serious concerns about his integrity, transparency, and respect for differing opinions.

5.1 Censorship and Disregard for Differing Opinions

One of the most disturbing aspects of Héctor Castillo’s leadership is his tendency to silence dissenting voices. Instead of embracing feedback and engaging in constructive dialogue, he chooses to delete and deactivate users who express opinions that do not align with his own. As aforementioned, I have been blocked and removed from NOYSI's official group chat! This kind of censorship stifles innovation, hampers growth, and creates an environment where diversity of thought is discouraged.

5.2 Lack of Transparency and Trust

Héctor Castillo’s actions demonstrate a lack of transparency and a disregard for open communication. By deleting and deactivating users who challenge his ideas, he eliminates any opportunity for meaningful discussion or improvement. This behavior erodes trust among users and potential investors, as it creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and suspicion.

5.3 Consider the Implications for Future Ventures

Given Héctor Castillo’s track record of censorship, it is imperative for users and potential investors to consider the implications for any future ventures associated with him. If he continues to exhibit the same behavior, it raises questions about the reliability, transparency, and user-centric approach of any new offerings or startups he may be involved in.

This history of censorship, and disregard for differing opinions raises serious concerns about the integrity and transparency of a person as a leader. By prioritizing platforms that embrace transparency, open communication, and respect for diverse opinions, we can ensure a more positive and inclusive environment for all stakeholders involved. Unfortunately, that was the case with NOYSI!

NOYSI: Terrible Leadership and Horrific PR

In conclusion, my journey with NOYSI has been nothing short of disappointing. The terrible PR, arrogant leadership, and misallocation of resources have left loyal users stranded without the improvements they were promised. It is essential for potential users and investors to carefully consider these warning signs before investing their time and resources into NOYSI or any other product managed by the same team. Let us hope that NOYSI re-evaluates its priorities, addresses its leadership issues, and takes steps towards rectifying these issues for the sake of its users’ satisfaction and success.

P.S.: Now, maybe my NOYSI's account will be deactivated soon. Let's see how this company and the CEO will respond. Will they still be arrogantly ignorant? Will this continue to go South? All eyes will be watching. I will keep you guys posted.


  1. This is absolutely outrageous! I can’t believe NOYSI’s CEO and PR team have been so disrespectful and rude. I’ve also experienced their bullying firsthand, and it’s completely unacceptable. Thank you for shedding light on this issue and warning potential users about the terrible treatment they may encounter.

  2. I’m appalled by the way NOYSI’s leadership has handled customer concerns. I’ve been a victim of their bullying too, and it’s disheartening to see how they disregard their loyal users. It’s time for NOYSI to prioritize customer satisfaction and address these serious issues.

  3. You can say all of that that AGAIN! As a former user, I can confirm that NOYSI’s leadership and PR team are a nightmare to deal with. Their disrespectful behaviour and lack of professionalism have caused me endless frustration. It’s high time they take responsibility for their actions and start treating their customers with respect.

  4. I completely empathize with your experience! NOYSI’s team have treated me with the same hostility and arrogance. It’s shocking that they continue to ignore user feedback and make empty promises. Thank you for speaking out against their terrible leadership. I salute you for your bravery!

  5. It’s disheartening to see a platform with so much potential crumble due to terrible leadership. Users deserve better treatment and respect.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story! I too have been targeted by NOYSI’s team and experienced their rude PR tactics. It’s clear that their leadership is severely lacking, and they need to address these issues immediately. Users deserve transparency, respect, and a platform that values their feedback.

  7. I read your comment in the public chat. I was shocked to see your comment being removed. Then, the worse part is your account being deactivated...these actions speak volume of this company. Enough said...

  8. CEO who has zero PR skills!



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Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: NOYSI Review: Horrific PR and Terrible Leadership by Héctor Castillo
NOYSI Review: Horrific PR and Terrible Leadership by Héctor Castillo
NOYSI Review: A Disappointing Journey of Terrible Leadership and Horrific PR. A PR disaster brewed by the PR-incompetent Héctor Castillo CEO of NOYSI.
Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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