Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Do read my Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House. Is this the best robot vacuum for cleaning and mopping?
Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Vacuuming is no longer a chore thanks to the availability of cordless vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums such as my Roborock Q7 Max. How about mopping the house then? That's when you need the new Roborock G10: Vacuum and mop robot for your house. After reading this vacuum and mop robot review of mine, you will want to get one as well!

Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Having a main day job at the desk and other moonlighting work have really robbed me of my precious time. Sometimes, I have little to no time to clean my home. I could pick up my cordless vacuum or order my robot vacuum to do the vacuuming for me. But when it comes to mopping the whole house, it is a dreaded chore indeed.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Those of you who do house chores know that mopping is really time-consuming, messy and not to mention wet! After removing all the visible dirt (to the naked eye) off the floor, you will then fill up a huge bucket of water to start mopping. Obviously, you cannot mop the whole floor in one go. You will need to clean the mop head and squeeze out the dirty water before continuing to mop again.

Do I Need a Vacuum and Mop Robot?

Then you will also need to change the dirty water. You can't continue to mop using the same dirty water, no? Imagine all the hassle that you have to go through, refilling the bucket with clean water, squeezing out the dirty water from the mop and washing the mop head again and again. At the end of the day, you will be drenched in sweat and probably dirty.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

With a vacuum and mop robot, you can just sit back and relax while it continues to do all the jobs for you! You could easily free up more of your time to carry out more meaningful tasks and activities at home, such as playing with your children, baking in the kitchen, doing exercise or simply chilling out with your family and watching Netflix. All this can be achieved by me now thanks to my Roborock G10!

What is Roborock G10 Vacuum and Mop Robot?

For the uninitiated, the Roborock G10 is your personal vacuum and mop robot that can help you sweep and mop the floor for the whole house. It comes with a huge water tank to store your clean water for it to carry out its mop self-washing duties. It will intelligently vacuum and mop your whole house and return to the dock to clean its mop and recharge.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Top 12 Features of Roborock G10

1. Auto Self-Washing Mop

As I have aforementioned, with the Roborock G10 you do not have to squeeze and wash your mop head anymore, let alone mop the whole house. Thanks to the advanced Roborock G10's dock (NOT sold separately), all the dirt and dirty water will be washed by the dock itself without you needing to lift a finger.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

The detachable mop cloth

2. Self-Refill Water Tank

What I like about my new Roborock G10 is the fact that it can refill its water tank on its own without needing me to do so manually. Yupe! So the water tank in the robot vacuum will be refilled by the dock's water reservoir tank automatically. In Roborock Q7 Max, I have to add water to the water tank on my own and later the mopping cloth needs to be removed and washed. Each automatic refill of clean water allows Roborock G10 to vacuum and mop for a range of up to 300sqm (3230sgft) which is amazingly vast!

Roborock G10 Auto Self-Cleaning Dock

3. The Dock for Mopping

The dock of Roborock G10 is where the important magic takes place. Without it, the features of self-cleaning mop and self-refill water tank for the robot vacuum will not be possible. The Roborock G10's dock has been designed with the primary focus on mopping in mind. When you lift the lid of the dock up, you will be greeted by two big containers.

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

So what are the two containers for, you might ask? The container on the right is for the storage of clean water while the one on the left is used for storing dirty water. So instead of you detaching the mopping mat, the dock of Roborock G10 will wash the mat for you. The dirty water will then be stored in the container on the left. Then clean water from the right container will be transferred to fill up the empty tank of the robot vacuum.

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

The huge water tank means you do not need to refill again and again!

Both the containers are pretty big, meaning you can store quite a lot of clean water and dirty water at the same time. I only need to refill the clean water and remove the dirty water once every 10 days which is really brilliant. No more notifications every other day to refill the water tank. Having said so, the Roborock G10 vacuum and mop robot is really engineered for those who love to mop their home.

4. Powerful Suction

Though the Roborock G10 is a mopping-centric robot vacuum, it does an equally commendable job in vacuuming our whole house as well. Thanks to its strong 2500Pa of suction, all dirt, debris and hair are effortlessly sucked into the built-in dust receptacle complete with an E11 HEPA air filter. What goes in, remains trapped.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

You can adjust its suction power by using the Roborock app or you could allow it to do so automatically. I have witnessed how the Roborock G10 could adjust its own suction power when it faces its nemesis-the carpets. 😂 So it can detect the surface it is cleaning and change the power and intensity of the vacuum and mopping accordingly. Basically, this is a clever vacuum and mop robot that you should really have in your household.

5. Sonic Mopping-3000 Times Per Minute

Coupled with the powerful suction of 2500Pa, the Roborock G10 is equipped with Sonic Mopping Technology. On the go, it can vibrate the mop pad at 3,000 times per minute. This equals 50 vibrations per second which is astonishing to say the least. That is why all the stubborn dirt on the floor surface can be scrubbed off effecively.

Roborock G10 Dock Mopping Water Tank

6. Masson AI Algorithm

Thanks to integrated Masson AI Algorithm, this vacuum and mop robot can easily avoid obstacles, get out of sticky situations such as cables, legs of tables and extension cords just to name a few. I have seen how agile it is in manouvring among the legs of my chairs in the dining room. So no worries about it bumping your furniture and knocking things off.

7. Lifting Up For 2CM

Another interesting feature of Roborock G10 is its ability to "jack" itself up for as high as 2CM to vacuum and mop the house, as well as getting over obstacles. This allows the vacuum and mop robot to lift when there are bumps and hurdles lying on the floor such as carpets. Yes. So there will be no water stains on your carpets. It will also be lifted after cleaning to prevent dragging of dirt back across the floor. In standby mode, this uplifting talent of Roborock G10 enables to mop to dry faster and more thoroughly.

Roborock G10 For Floor Mopping

8. Impressive 3D Mapping

The Roborock G10's exceptional LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system allows it to map your entire home in 3D. I am astounded by how precisely it could map my home in 3D. It's like if you had your own own 3D cartographer for your home. It will partition your home into distinct regions and rooms. The finest aspect is that additional details can be added to the 3D arrangement. You may add floor kinds and even furnishings for an even more precise and realistic portrayal of your home. By the way, you could save up to 4 different maps for Robrocok G10.

Roborock G10 3D mapping Save Floor Plan

9. Long Lasting 3 Hours of Battery Life

A robot vacuum is only as effective as its batteries, correct? The Roborock G10 is powered by an enormous 5,200mAh Li-ion battery that may last up to 3 hours or 180 minutes. Yes! Amazingly, this robot vacuum can operate for up to three hours on a single battery. It may cover an area of up to 300 square metres, which is enormous in my opinion. But I doubt most of us need that 3 hours of juice to vacuum and mop our whole house.

Roborock G10 Battery Life Review

Based on my repeated observations, it takes my Roborock G10 around 71 minutes (10 minutes more than Roborock Q7 Max) to cover my entire home (30 feet by 50 feet), excluding toilets and a wet kitchen. It must vacuum and mop my two living areas, dining area, dry kitchen, and four bedrooms. It will take approximately 71 minutes to cover 68 square metres of the cleaning area, and the battery will be depleted by approximately 30% for a "whole house" cleaning. Not bad at all!

10. Mindblowing App Control

Unlike other half-baked, cumbersome and unnecessary apps, the Roborock App is essential. It is so well-designed that it is simple to use. In fact, the Roborock App is so user-friendly that even young children and senior folks can begin using it immediately. Using the app, I can also instruct my Roborock G10 to vacuum and mop our home while I'm at work. While I am away, I am able to observe my robot vacuum in action "live." Occasionally, it is rather exciting to observe its movement on the 3D map.

Roborock G10 App Review

You will have complete control of your Roborock vacuum at a look. There are three modes available for house cleaning: Full, Rooms, and Zones. When you select the "Full" option, the entire home will be cleaned automatically. If you select a certain room or zone, your robot vacuum will move to that area and begin cleaning. You can also use the application to create No-Go zones and invisible barriers to seal off rooms and other areas of your home. I find this feature very useful especially when I have set up certain "Ad-hoc" tables in the house.

Roborock G10 App Control 3D Mapping View

Roborock G10 App Control 3D Mapping View

Roborock G10 App Control 3D Mapping View

I love how we could set No-Go Zone and Invisible Walls!

Roborock G10 App Control 3D Mapping View

Roborock G10 App Control 3D Mapping View

My house floorplan in 3D! 😀

In addition, you will have access to all relevant information on your robot vacuum, such as the cleaned area, battery level, cleaning time, and cleaning history, to name a few. The remote control capability allows you to "pilot" your robot vacuum cleaner. Using the app, you can also make routines for your robot vacuum to autonomously clean your home at predetermined intervals. You will also be reminded when the water level of your dock is low. Overall, you can accomplish a great deal with the incredible Roborock App.

11. Use Your Voice

If you do not wish to utilise the Roborock App to control your robot vacuum and mop, you can use your sweet voice instead. Using the power of my voice, I can effortlessly instruct my Roborock G10 to vacuum and mop my entire home or a specific room. This robot vacuum and mop supports Google Home, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa, as expected from Roborock.

Roborock G10 Voice Control

12. Child Lock For Your Children and Pets

The Child Lock feature is frequently disregarded by manufacturers of several electrical equipment. Thankfully, the Roborock features a separate Child Lock button on the vacuum and mop robot itself. This function will avoid any inadvertent activation by your curious and clumsy children. If you have a cat or dog as a pet, you may be assured that their curious probing or caressing will not trigger the robot vacuum, especially when you are not around. Better safe than sorry, no?

VERDICT: Is Roborock G10 Worth It?

After several days of using my Roborock G10 Max, I must declare that I am completely in love with it. To be honest, this is my first vacuum and mop robot with complete mop auto-cleaning and water tank auto-refill capabilities. Hence, my enthusiasm is understandable. Nonetheless, I must admire the Roborock engineers. So far, I have been unable to detect any flaws in my Roborock G10. It has surpassed my expectations in numerous ways.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

I must compliment the dock which looks truly beautiful. The choice of colours and designs blend in perfectly with my built-in TV cabinet. Though the dock might look a bit big as it needs to store two plastic containers inside of it, it is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. So kudos again to the designers for ticking the right boxes in the "fashion" department.

Roborock G10 Review Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House

All in all, from its suction power to its superior mopping ability, it appears that everything is ideal. I am ecstatic with the countless innovations that have made it so amazingly good. The Roborock App is extremely user-friendly and packed with additional functions and functionalities to maximise the performance of my vacuum and mop robot. Overall, I adore the quality built, which also feels quite premium. Roborock G10 is an excellent vacuum and mop robot that I believe a lot of families in Malaysia and Asean countries would love to have.

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Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop






  1. Wowww impress sangat tengok vacum include mop. Mudah kerja ibu-ibu di rumah terutama macam saya yang bekerja. Nice one masuk wishlist.

  2. Roborock ni di antara vakum dalam wish list. Tapi belum ada bajet lagi as OPR hit my family. Terus dana Roborock ku ke loan rumah. Oh Malaysiaku. I ada robot vacum yang small size, cuma Robirock ni tank dia besar dan ada mapping. Sebab tu nak upgrade. 😁

  3. i just bought a vacuum robot. but different brand. i feel roborock is more reliable. hmm should i buy new one? haha

  4. Ohh home also using robot vacuum, so so easy convenient & hassle free to keep floor clean, thanks for this detailed review. I'm a happy user of vacuum robot too. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  5. Wow, this thing cost a bomb! does the lift up feature on standby mode helps to remove the soaked cloth smell? cause mine need to remove manually each time after it parks at docking station to avoid the cloth becomes stinky.



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Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer: Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House
Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House
Do read my Roborock G10 Review: Vacuum and Mop Robot For Your House. Is this the best robot vacuum for cleaning and mopping?
Tekkaus® | Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger | Influencer
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