Friday, May 15, 2020

Wilson Replaces Spalding As Official NBA Basketball Maker

Wilson Replaces Spalding As Official NBA Basketball Maker

No more Spalding basketball will be used in the NBA as Wilson has taken the mantle from the former. In other words, once the contract of the former expires, Wilson basketballs could be seen flying around indoor courts and street hoops. So from next season onward Wilson will be the official basketball(s) to be used by NBA players while dueling for the coveted championship rings. Are you ready for a new ball game?

Wilson Replaces Spalding as Official NBA Basketball

NBA has chosen to work with Wilson for the 2021-2022 season after ending their 30 years partnership with Spalding. The contract termination is mutual between NBA and Spalding and that means Wilson will be the de facto basketballs for NBA, WNBA, NBA 2K League, NBA G League and of course the Basketball Africa League.

Wilson Replaces Spalding As Official NBA Basketball Maker
Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an interesting trivia: Do you know that Wilson used to be the official NBA basketball prior to Spalding? Yupe! In 1983, Wilson basketballs were used by the franchise. So it is sort of like a homecoming for Wilson? I wonder this partnership of theirs will last for how long. At the moment, Wilson is currently the official basketballs used by the NCCA tournament and numerous high schools in USA.

Limited Edition Chicago Basketball Wilson All-Star

Limited Edition "Chicago" basketball

Did you see this coming? I mean Wilson replacing Spalding as the official basketball for NBA? Then again we were given hints when Wilson unveiled the premium, limited edition "Chicago" basketball for NBA All-Star in February. Man I really wanted to get my hands on it. For the time being, I am sure a lot of collectors will be buying Spalding NBA official basketballs to stock up before they become rare. Will you buy another or you will get the new Wilson NBA basketball instead?

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