Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Do You Miss The Outdoors?

Taiping Bamboo Resort Water Fall Vacation

It has been 55 days or almost close to 2 months since Covid-19 caused us to be trapped inside the four walls of our homes. Honestly speaking I did not expect the quarantine to last this long since it was first announced back on the 18th of March. Little did we know that, ever since that day we have been barred from moving freely in the outside world without any precautionary measures such as wearing face masks and keeping our distances. Now this lock-down (in Malaysia) will be extended for another 4 weeks until 9th of June 2020!

Taiping Bamboo Resort Water Fall Vacation

Do you miss the outdoors?
I know I do.

Do you miss the outdoors? Do you miss going out and enjoy that liberating feeling of being free? To feel the wind gently caressing your face; To enjoy your priceless moments, going on a vacation with your family, friends on perhaps on your own? Do you miss exploring other cultures and sample food from different places? I am sure you do as most of us are now trapped behind "bars" like those helpless animals which have been kept in zoo against their will.

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery-air, mountains, trees, people. I thought this is what it is to be happy.
~Sylvia Plath~

One day...sooner or later we will be released from our own enclosures so that semblance of normalcy  can be resumed and our wheels of economy can be oiled once again. But then again, when that day arrives can we really be free? FREE from the need to wrap your face with suffocating face mask; FREE from the need to constantly ensure that no one is near you-social distancing. FREE from the need to lug around bottles of hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes. The answer is a resounding NO until that promised vaccine is injected into our blood system.

Taiping Bamboo Resort Water Fall Vacation

With my children at Taiping Bamboo Resort

Yours truly me really misses the outdoors. Not that I do not enjoy being trapped inside my home. But then as the saying goes the world is your oyster and it is a shame that we could not explore the wonders and splendors it has to offer. I want to bring my family to travel around the world, to see different things and taste a variety cuisines that are supposed to fill up our jug of priceless memories. Hence I feel really bad for both my children as they have to experience this ordeal. In fact most of us have never been in such an unprecedented situation before. 

Taiping Bamboo Resort Water Fall Vacation
Let's go back Jordan boy. We will return one day! 😃

For now we will still be treading water, being cautious all the time while waiting patiently for confirmation that we have really prevailed against the invisible, insidious virus that has been wreaking havoc in our life. What if mother nature decides to unleash another virus to derail our life once again? Can we endure another blow from Her? I don't know...but I am sure that staying positive and optimistic is what we need to do right now for our future generations. So do you miss the outdoors?

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