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Malacca Bug Camp 2019-Fun & Interactive Learning Experience For Children During Holidays

Have your kids ever seen a dragonfly up close? Or have they seen butterflies dancing gracefully in the air? If not then this is the camp that your children should be joining during this year-end school holidays. Instead of sitting idly at home watching TV or being glued to their smartphone, our little ones should be out there in the open learning, no? It is definitely better for them to join activities that can let them learn something new and beneficial, mingle around and most importantly have real fun.

 Let's go discover some new bugs :D

 Eagerly waiting for the camp to commence

 Opening ceremony

If you are in Malacca, then you should enroll your children in the Malacca Bug Camp (学航  昆虫研习营) which is not only fun but also educational at the same time. Besides breaking the ice to meet new buddies from different schools they can also loosen up to play a little bit by dancing and playing some games. This will definitely help them to have quality time during this month-long holidays.

Ice breaking session-let's warm up a bit 

I like to move it~move it~ :D 

So both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl had also joined this camp to learn a little bit more about bugs and make new friends. After registration, they were grouped into different teams and the whole event kick-started for them with some dancing moves to help them move those muscles that they rarely use at home. LOL 😀 Next, they enjoyed themselves by playing a few rounds good-old-fashioned games which revolved around bugs (of course).

It's time to get a bit serious-lesson time

Bug Class
Next came the real, more serious deal-Entomology. Children got to be exposed to insects and learn a bit more about the marvelous six-legged creatures which they hardly pay attention to in their daily life. Conducted by the main speaker-Mr Tee Li Kiat, he explained to the children more about the insects in fun ways which they can easily understand and grasp. Even I learned something new as well. The lesson was informative and very interesting. You do know that a spider is not an insect right? 😋

Mr. Jack Tee explained to the students more about insects

Poster Making
After listening to some pointers that the speaker had laid out, the children needed to do some hands-on to make a poster related to bugs. In their respective groups, children tried to work hand-in-hand with their teammates to create their very own poster. All of them sure had a lot of fun together, drawing, painting and making their poster. Each team also had to think of a slogan for them to chant. Regardless of the outcome I really believe that this fun activity will be useful for our little ones.

Group discussion 

Poster Making 

 It's presentation time

 Can you guess what bug did they choose?

 Jordan boy and Jasmine girl were in the same group 😁

Build A House For Mr Cockroach
Wait! What? Yes, you read it right the children actually learnt how to build a comfortable "house" for Mr Cockroaches. Almost all of us are not that fond of roaches right and unfortunately these creepy creatures are a common sight in our household? Hence this lesson was intended to guide students on how to create a "trap" to capture them. First they learned more about the anatomy of cockroaches and their habitats. Then about their diet of course. Otherwise how are we supposed to lure them into our traps right?

 The facilitator gave them lots of pointers

They learned how to reuse plastic bottles to make cockroach traps as well

Bumble Bees
Usually we will scamper in fear at the sight of these yellow-black stripes insects, fearing that they will sting us right? But do you know that bees are arguably the most important insects for our survival? Up next was a talk given by a speaker from Bee Farm Ayer Keroh to show our little ones more about the busy bees which buzz around our flowers in our garden. Children will learn how bees collect nectar from flowers and use it to build their nest and so on.

Buzzing bees 

Children got to know the nest of the bees even more

Butterfly Farm Station Games
The next day, children happily hopped onto a bus and headed to the Butterfly Farm to see the magical creatures that are flapping their wings amidst the vibrant, fragrant flowers and lush greenery. Here, children could get up close and personal with the amazing insects that mother nature has brought us. Besides learning more about the insects, children also took part in station games which were related to some of the insects that they had seen earlier. I must admit that the kids had a whale of time going out in the open to have fun and learn at the same time.

 We have arrived at Butterfly Farm

It's all about exploring and playing games 

 They sure had a lot of fun

Children admiring the beautiful reptiles 

It's time to get up close and personal with butterflies 

 So who were as sweet as nectar?

The butterflies whisperer 

 And more group games of course

It's good to be close to mother nature 

 Come spread your wings now

 Can you see what they spotted?

 Slithering around...

 Beautiful memories can be conjured and cherished

 Don't let the paper train stop

Our mission is accomplished

Making Their Own Butterfly Collection
Upon returning from their visit to the butterfly farm, children began to make their own butterfly collection. Contrary to popular belief, sampling of butterflies is not cruel and inhumane. This is because no butterflies were killed intentionally. Instead dead butterflies were used. In humble opinion, this is a very good exposure to the little ones as they get to know how to properly preserve and mount their butterflies. It is a very scientific learning curve if you ask me.

 It's time to make your own butterfly collection

 Careful now...

 Everyone is happy 😀

Another feather added to their caps

I am glad that both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl had had the opportunity to take part in this Malacca Bug Camp 2019 which was conducted by JT Voyage. They had made a bunch of new friends and of course now they can proudly say that they know our six-legged bug friends a little bit more. If you want your children to learn more about insects and have fun during this December holidays, do enroll them into the next Bug Camp which will be happening on the 2nd and 3rd of December. For more information:

That's the end of our Bug Camp 2019

Bug Camp Melaka 2019 (学航  昆虫研习营)
Date: 2nd & 3rd December
Organizer: JT Voyage
Contact: 011-12762750