Friday, October 25, 2019

4 Reasons Your Marketing Emails are Getting Flagged for Spam

There are few things that can be as frustrating as seeing your efforts and marketing dollars go down the drain because your messages were caught by an overzealous spam filter. Email services are doing everything in their power to crack down on spam, and also things like malware and phishing attacks. This means that marketers have to be savvier than ever to make sure that their messages at least get in front of the people they are trying to reach. Here are some of the common reasons emails get flagged and how to avoid these barriers. 

4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Emails Are Flagged As Spam

You Didn’t Have Permission
This is one of the most elementary reasons why your messages might be going to the spam box. This is why it’s usually a bad idea to buy lists from anyone. If you do and you didn’t have express permission to contact the person, you are committing a serious violation under the CAN-SPAM act and could face fines of up to $16,000. This is why you should work with a provider that has clear opt-in forms that are compliant.

Make sure you are white-listed

You Used the Wrong Fonts
This might seem silly, but the type of font you use could also get you flagged, especially if you’re using HTML. Choosing the right font will also affect readability and engagement. If you want to learn more information about which types of font you should be using, you can check out this guide by Sendinblue. You’ll learn which fonts would be the best to convey your brand image, and to get the best response. It also runs down some of the main fonts so you can choose a font that isn’t obscure and would get higher chances of getting flagged. 

Don't forget to use the correct fonts

Your IP Has been Flagged
But one thing will have a greater impact than headlines or fonts when it comes to getting flagged, and that is the sender. Email services will flag servers that have been known for spamming. So, if you’re using an unreputable service, or doing it on your own, your message could register as if they’re coming from a bad source even though you did everything right. The solution? Work with a provider who controls from which IP messages are sent from and make sure they have a solid reputation. Also, look for providers who will offer dedicated IP addresses as well. 

Your Engagement Rates are Not High Enough
Did you know that webmail providers will look at things like how many people throw your messages without opening them and how many are being opened when it comes to deciding what is spam and not? So, if you’re suffering from low engagement rates, you’ll need to improve your headlines and content, segment your list, schedule mailings better, and give your subscribers what they actually want. 

Make your email more interesting

Email marketing is not rocket science, but you need a solid foundation if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste. Make sure that you keep an eye on these mistakes, and make sure that you do everything in your power to stay compliant.

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