Tuesday, May 21, 2019

4 Burning Questions About the Huawei Debacle-Will China Fight Back?

I have always known that Donald Trump loves to play with fire. But his latest attempt 5 days ago saw him burning more than just his flimsy hair...but then again does he even know what he is really doing? To say that a POTUS is ignorant will be completely senseless and he wields so much intelligence at his disposal. I am wondering if the majority of his board members are agreeable to his plans? We all know what happens to those who crossed Trump just like in the case of the FBI director who was fired! So here are my 4 burning questions about the Huawei Debacle:

Is Trump right?

4 Burning Questions About The Huawei Debacle
  1. The first question that I will raise today is...is there any concrete irrefutable evidence to show that China is actually spying on the Americans? Is there really any cloak and dagger espionage going on? I doubt.
  2. Can we still trust Google which has been weaponized by Trump? It is a shame that this is actually happening and it is a wake up call for all of us as Google knows everything about us.
  3. Why Huawei consumers outside of USA need to bear the brunt of Donald Trump? Is that even fair? I am sure Google could have tweaked this to ensure that not everyone will be victimized by this stupid decision.
  4. What will China do now? It is obvious that more guns are being trained on China at the moment and this will only get worse from here. Will China continues to sit still and allow themselves to be pushed around?
A tumultuous week for Huawei!

I am sure if Donald Trump has the proof, he would have shown it to the world by now. He loves showing off to the world how good and correct he is right? So it makes me wonder why there is still nothing for us public to see? Or is this just an extension to the ongoing trade war? But then again it is his right to "protect" his citizens as he wants the best for them, "RIGHT"?

We know that China has been hacking everyone...
But is Huawei being made the scapegoat here?

It is shocking to note that Google has actually allowed themselves to be "weaponized" by the American government or more precisely Donald Trump. Did they agree to the banning order meekly or do they put up any fight at all? Aren't Google products supposed to help better humanity and serve everyone regardless of our differences and beliefs? This fiasco has shown us that we cannot TRUST Google and it will be foolish to rely heavily on this company in the future. We will never know when they will turn their backs on us again. Though Google made a U-turn saying that Huawei will still be receiving temporary licence and updates for existing devices, damages have been done and their credibility has taken a huge blow if not a serious dent!

Can we still trust Google?

When Trump declared that Huawei products should not be supported by other American products (Google, Intel etc.), did he know that the ripples will be felt by everyone outside of America? Perhaps he knew and that was exactly his intention. Support him (America) or go bust! In case he does not know this, outside of his little bubble in America, most of the universal civilians are not fond of him. His latest miscalculated  move will land him into hot water if not boiling water. If people (outside of USA) were to pick a side, it would definitely not be him!

How will the rest of the world view this Huawei banning fiasco?

Since January 2018, America has been engaged in a trade war with China after Trump becomes the president. Both sides insist that the other party was guilty of abusing International system and being involved in unfair practices. On paper it appears that Trump has been thumping his chests and pushing the Great Wall of China around. Likewise, China is unbelievably tolerant and is actively trying to resolve the differences between them. But is this Huawei Debacle the last straw for China? We will see. I am really hoping that China will retaliate and cut off America from their country altogether. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. It is a fact that the Chinese Economy is more resilient and has the depth that the Americans do not possess. Let's see.

It is time for China to fight back before they lose more grounds!

As it stands now, a lot of people are beginning to side with China and see them as the victim in this botched situation. Even my colleagues have begun to tell me that they are considering boycotting American products such as Facebook and Apple gadgets. I was shocked to hear this but I guess it is only natural. Ask anyone outside of China and they will immediately tell you that the government of America is playing with fire that they might not be able to extinguish later. Will they bury the hatchets or one will perish? Who will prevail in the end? Let's see.
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