Monday, March 11, 2019

Digi Unfairly Treats Its Customer Base-DISCRIMINATION-Are you one of them?

Dear Digi~I have been with you (Digi) for almost 15 years (plus-minus) and today, AGAIN I was slapped in the face, knowing that another friend of mine is getting better value than me when we are actually paying for the same amount of price. Wait...actually, I paid more but I am getting less than what that friend of mine is enjoying. So here's the case: I pay RM58 every month and I am ONLY getting 15GB of Internet plus 10GB of Youtube; my friend pays RM50 monthly and he gets 30GB of Internet plus 30GB of Youtube. So can you do the mathematics question here? I am dumbfounded.

Definition of Discriminate:
To make a distinction in favour of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class or category to which the person or things belongs rather than according to actual merit.

RM50 for 30GB of Internet + 30GB of Youtube!
Why am I or other Digi customers not getting such a deal?

By the way, I am also paying RM30 for another supplementary line of mine which only gets 3GB of Internet and no extra Youtube. This means I fork out RM88 per month for 18GB (main 15GB + supplementary 3GB) of Internet? I have paid my bills damn punctually every month as I am using credit card and I have never switched to other telco before for the past 15 years. So this means that I am not a loyal customer to Digi? I am utterly disgusted to know that such a company practices discrimination and treats different customers, differently? Talking about being professional?

My previous plan. Look at the difference.

I called Digi centre to find out why this is happening and their response was remarkably ridiculous. They urged me to reveal the contact of my friend so that they could TRACE why he was being "treated" differently, which I of course vehemently refused. That would be intrusion of privacy, no? But that answer from them was also a confirmation that different treatments were accorded to different customers who are all Digi customers. I am utterly disappointed with their response and tone as well. Yeah~their tone was becoming increasingly rude to me towards the end.

My current plan-RM58 for 15GB of Internet and 10GB of Youtube only!
Why am I being treated differently?

The question is: If there is really such loyalty program, why aren't all the DiGi customers get to know about it? Why is there lack of transparency in terms of rewarding your loyal customer base? Why can't Digi-one of the top 3 telcos in Malaysia be more truthful and honest to their customers? Can't they just make it PUBLIC on how customers who have been loyal to them will be rewarded in terms of years and usages? Nope~instead they have chosen to reward different customers differently in covert. Why is such practice being done by such a reputable company?

I used to look up to this company a lot.

Nope! I don't want to get a special "call" from Digi later telling me that I have been selected to enjoy such privilege. I want all the other qualified loyal Digi customers (based on years of usage) to enjoy similar benefits. That is why I stressed that this should be made public. When you treat your customers differently, you are actually demeaning and belittling them and I can't help but feel that Digi does not really care if I am still using their services or not? Right?
Other complaints

It saddens me that I have to write such an open letter to Digi. Over the years I have stuck with Digi despite their services being below par sometimes. I do so out of love. I used to love Digi a lot, a lot and now that love and loyalty are slowly vaporizing, knowing that I have been unfairly discriminated. I have written a few times to Digi via Twitter and Facebook but they chose to ignore me, WELL DONE *slow clap*! I searched on the Internet and realized that I am not not the only one who is suffering from such mistreatment. There are others out there as well.

Obviously! I am not the only one who has been treated unfairly.

I don't know if other telcos such as Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile or YES 4G are making such glaring mistakes when building their so-called customers' loyalty. This goes to show that I have never used other telcos before besides Digi. I hope this open letter of mine will be read and scrutinized by other big companies and serve as a reminder that honesty is the best policy. In other words, being transparent with your customers should always be your number one priority. Period.

Salvage your reputation to be a professional and ethical company before it is too late Digi.

P.S.: Of course, if I am not happy I can always switch and leave right? I have only been loyal for 15 years. Who cares? I don't think DiGi will give a damn either. So yeah...