Sunday, January 6, 2019

Aquaman Review-The Best DC Superhero Movie

Ever since we were served with the numerous trailers of Aquaman, my family and I had been wanting to watch this on the big screen. Both my kids had been nagging me as well. Nothing beats enjoying the glorious spectacle of the ocean and fork-wielding men in the cinema right? So on Christmas day, all of us went out early to catch Aquaman. Surely we were not disappointed at all. The movie ticks all my boxes to be one of my favourite superheroes flicks of all time-just behind Iron Man 3. :)

My kids on their way to the cinema
They can't wait to watch Aquaman!

In the cinema waiting to watch Aquaman
Get ready to be mind-blown under the sea!

Aquaman is still the king of Box Office (correct at the time of this writing) and will continue to dominate thanks to its unbelievable magnetism. So what sets this oceanic movie apart from the rest of the heroes? For starters, the movie is totally out of this world. In other words, watching Aquaman is akin to watching Clash of Titans, Avatar and Jurassic World-all mashed into one over-the-top action movie. This formula works so darn well and the results in the box office is proof that audience want such a film.

Mera Aquaman Sexy Main Actress

Mera Aquaman Sexy Main Actress Cleavage
A lot of moviegoers watch Aquaman because of her...Mera...Hmm...I wonder why...

Honestly speaking, because we were in an uncharted water (it is an understatement), it was really difficult to guess what was going to happen next; What you will see next; Where you will be swimming to next. Basically Aquaman strives thanks to the fact that we were so clueless about the whole movie and yet this is the very reason which urged our eyeballs to be glued to the silver screen all the time. Don't you agree?

Black Manta wants Aquaman To Die
One of the villains!

The whole movie was really a pleasant view thanks to the goofiness of our lead actor Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman. Jason Momoa really breathes life into his character, spewing catchy phrases and  flashing crazy antics. And ouh yeah~not to forget the drop-dead gorgeous Mera who really forged an amazing chemistry with Author. Of course, the other casts were equally important as well, such as Queen Atlanna, Orm and Black Manta just to name a few. All of them were beautifully sculpted and scripted to give the whole movie its adrenaline rush.

Aquaman Epic Battle of the Atlantis
The epic war brewing in the ocean!

One of the main reasons why the movie so so successful boils down to the masterful directing of James Wan. The whole movie was so intense and action-packed yet you do not feel like you are being overwhelmed. Though some argued that the visuals were a bit too much and the otherworldly fantasia was too incredulous; I kinda agreed as you will see dinosaurs, huge seahorses, gargantuan crabs, "tame" sharks and even mosasaurus had a part to play.  Somehow the director and the casts were able to hold the whole movie together, making it sound and look believable. :D

Jordan boy decided to make his own Trident after watching Aquaman!

Jordan boy and his Lego Trident
Ok! Show us your war face!

Jordan boy and his Lego Trident after watching Aquaman
Behold~Aquaboy. :D

So should you watch the latest DC Superhero movie? Of course it is a resounding YES. Though it is a bit over the top, the actions, the CGIs, the monsters as well as the casts will be more than suffice to ensure that Aquaman will go down the deep blue sea as one of the best superheroes movies ever to swim into our eyes and mind. :)

Watch Aquaman now!